#PEI Premier Ghiz, “Government of Prince Edward Island”, “PEI Human Rights” Protects and Promotes #Bullying Gangs at #UPEI: NO Human Rights for Female Students

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A corrupt “PEI Human Rights Commission” colluded with #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”, to set up a violating and abusive mediation process, with the approval of “Premier Ghiz” and #PEI , “Prince Edward Island”, officials.  This  practice protects and promotes the abuses and bullying of female students at #UPEI while female victims are brutally bullied,  re-victimized, threatened if they are to file any complaints, regarding these horrid abuses of female students.  This corrupt and illegal practice also protects, promotes and rewards the abusers, sexual deviants and predators at #UPEI.

It was a planned corrupted “human rights” process that would brutally abuse and violate an already abused female victim since 2010.

All threats were followed through on the victim and continue to be followed through by “UPEI”, “PEI Human rights commission”, “PEI Government” officials. Ghiz’s inside person confirmed, and sent message ,from Ghiz and officials to the victim, that Ghiz and other officials  will  NOT comply with laws and supports their original colluded corrupted plan that protects and rewards the deviants, abusers, and bullies while  the  targeted female victims are re-victimized and “destroyed”.

There is a well protected  culture, of massive corruption and deviance,  on “PEI”.  This barbaric culture also plagues the corrupted “UPEI” campus.  The  UPEI administration, and UPEI professors who are targeting and abusing the female students are rewarded, rewarded with grants from the corrupted “PEI government”, and will continue to be protected by Ghiz and his deviant cronies, to allow this massive corruption and deviance to continue at UPEI.  #UPEI is UNSAFE  for female students.

The final details of this colluded, corrupted process were completed, in July 2011, by Howard and Murphy; and details of the plan went back to the original group, PEI Officials, and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

Not only would the victim be abused and have her rights violated, in this so called “human rights” mediation, but #UPEI planned to NOT to even comply, to the contract that they signed, and would further violate and abuse the victim.

“Murray Murphy”, “UPEI Faculty” member: “Rosemary Herbert”, along with “Greg Howard”, (now resigned, April 2013), and “Lorraine Buell”, took an active role in this corrupted mediation, Nov 2011- May 2012.

After this victim was abused for 5 months, they followed through with even greater violations, which included many people, from May 2012- present. Horrid, inhumane treatment of any human being!!!

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, Murphy, “Rosemary Herbert”, “PEI Human rights”, #UPEI, #PEI officials refused to comply.

“Murray Murphy”, a member of the “PEI Law Society” refused to comply with the contract and laws and worse yet, he directed his clients, #UPEI, Not to comply and to break laws.

#UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws (May 2012- present-ongoing)

Massive corruption, deviance on PEI and UPEI. Female students are denied rights and brutally abused, bullied, harassed, threatened, re-victimized, blamed, and exposed to corrupted processes, officials, when female students at #UPEI exercise their rights and make complaints when they are denied.

The initial group of scammers/bullies and protectors of deviants and abusers while they Destroy the female victims were:

•former “President of UPEI”;
•“Patsy MacLean”, harmed victims, who made complaints, while she was the fair treatment advocate at UPEI,;
•“Murray Murphy”, the UPEI lawyer and “PEI Law society” member;
•“Doug Currie”, PEI Minister and Ghiz’s inner circle ;
•Turnbull, the former dean and “UPEI Faculty” member,
(Turnbull was the Dean of Education, and headed one of the targeting scams at UPEI. He was demoted, Sept 2013, and resigned after being caught by #STLHE after he and Murphy submitted fraudulent apology letters, from the victim to abusers, to try to cover up the scam that UPEI and PEI pulled on the STLHE);
•Turnbull’s sidekick, and paid bully, Hilton.
•Added to this group, in February 2011, was the head of the “PEI Human Rights” commission, “Greg Howard”.

Howard resigned when the victim submitted the evidence of the PEI/UPEI collusion to corrupt and abuse a victim during and after a corrupted mediation process. The evidence was submitted to Sherry and Ghiz, (Department of Justice who oversees the corrupted PEI Human rights commission ).

“Greg Howard” resigned in hours of the submission, of the victim’s  evidence, and left the country within 3 weeks.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and the corrupted “Minister of Justice”, “Janice Sherry”, who oversees the “PEI Human rights commission” halted the investigation and remain unresponsive to the victim’s requests to stop the abuses and breaches that have occurred, with their refusal to continue the investigation.

Nov 2013,  “Janice Sherry”,   stated and promised the victim, in public, that she would have the ‘unnamed’ investigator respond to the victim, within 2 weeks, regarding updates on the investigation and to have the abuses and illegal acts stopped. However, Sherry and Ghiz still remain unresponsive to the victim again.

Sherry and Ghiz gave “Murray Murphy” the title, QC, on Nov 27, 2013. The victim’s evidence had shown the collusion, Murphy following through on the threats and his refusing to comply to laws and a signed contract as well as evidence that he directed his clients, UPEI, to refuse to comply with the contract and laws. Evidence was also submitted to his verbal abuses and claims that “female students DESERVE to be Abused,.. Assaulted,… Bullied, …Destroyed…’ by UPEI.

“Patsy MacLean”’s involvement, with abusing female victims, at #UPEI, included her doing corrupted investigations while she was hired as the #UPEI “fair treatment advocate” and doing unauthorized police background checks on victims, to try to get information that could be used to blackmail the victims into silence,  so they would drop their complaints,  of assault and abuses,  by UPEI professors. She also was involved with hiring Hilton, at the “PEI human rights” commission. (Feb 2011).  “PEI Government” Minister, “Doug Currie” then agreed to have Hilton paid by the “PEI Government” and  put him on the government payroll when MacLean’s law society grant ran out.  Turnbull had Hilton paid at #UPEI, with research grants, to be a ring leader in a prominent #bullying gang to have the gang brutally abuse and bully female victims into silence. He was hired at the “PEI Human rights commission” to alert UPEI to any female students who accessed the commission, so the victims  could be bullied off campus and into silence before they had a chance to submit their complaints against #UPEI.  There were also formal complaints made to the “PEI human rights commission” against Hilton regarding this and  his not complying with “human rights” mediation contracts, slandering the victims, his participation in this bullying gang that targeted female victims, his breaching human rights laws while working at the commission to bully and help UPEI and PEI deny female students basic human rights.  Howard, Sherry, and Ghiz  covered  up the formal compliants and allowed Hilton to continue to participate in their preventing and punishing any female victim who tried to exercise their rights and/or make complaints against UPEI.


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