#PEI, University of PEI, Prince Edward Island: Culture of Greed, Corruption, Deviance and Human Rights Abuses

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#PEI, University of PEI, Prince Edward Island:  Culture of Greed, Corruption, Deviance and Human Rights Abuses

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#PEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”:
“Prince Edward Island” Culture of #corruption , #bullying , #deviants , #violence and #abusing #females

#Deviances , #corruption , #bullying , #violence and #abuses of #females have plagued #UPEI , for years. Violations of “human rights” and this #violence and #abuses is well known on the island.

One of many secrets that those in power , go to extremes of breaking laws and act in the most unethical and inhuman ways, to keep these practices, both illegal and immoral, from being outed, to off Island, people. This corrupt and abusive culture continues to worsen, as the predators and #deviants , abuseres of power are rewarded and promoted; while their victims are horridly re-victimized, traumatized, demonized, bullied, and illegally banned from campus.

A culture of #Deviance and #corruption prevails at #UPEI and on #PEI
The reporters and news agencies rarely report on such negative stories, regarding these horrid cultural ways , on #PEI . Although openly bragged about by the corrupt and predators, on Island, they go to extremes to deny their acts, regardless of blatant evidence, to all those off Island. Pretentious, unethical, liars and hypocrites would also need to added to their list of descriptors.

Some agencies won’t report anything negative on the “PEI Government” where they have been dubbed, ‘the #Ghiz propaganda press’. But, this is typical in corrupted, oppressive , tyrant run governments. This non-transparency and biases in news agencies, which is prevalent on the island, promotes #corruption, #deviance, theft, #fraud, and #abuses against females at “UPEI”.

However, there are rare times , that news agencies do report , a bit , of the well known “human rights” #violations and #abuses of females and/or #corruption at #UPEI . For example, when the “UPEI President “ had “sexual harassment” complaints made against him, by 2 females, and there was a press release made, by the lawyer, of the 2 females
It was also reported that there was a major national investigation at #UPEI , May 2013, where #UPEI refused to participate or answer any questions. #CAUT, a national academic agency, were shocked and had the #UPEI and #Lacroix ‘s reponses to CAUT released via bloggers, then some press picked up a bit of the story. CAUT claimed that this was the first time, in their history, to receive responses, of this nature, from a “university”. #UPEI has also openly stated, to press, and other sources, on record, that they do NOT follow any of their policies, that are published and claim they “have their own way of dealing with problems”. They have openly stated in meeting they do not comply with human rights laws or contracts. Victims will attest that their ways of dealing with problems are corrupt, harmful, abusing, discriminating, corrupt, illegal, immoral and horrid.

Once a female victim makes a complaint, “UPEI” and “PEI Human rights” will immediately slander the victim by claiming it is the abusers who have made complaints against the victim.

A lawyer for 2 females, who made complaints against the “UPEI President” outsmarted this #bullying gang by having the 2 females submit their complaints , then the lawyer immediately did a press release , to the public , stating that 2 females have made “sexual harassment” complaints against the “President of UPEI”. Thus, this well practiced way to protect the predators, #abusers and #deviants while continuing and increasing the abuse of the female victim, could no longer be used by the #bullying gang at #UPEI and the “PEI Human rights commission”, once the lawyer for the 2 victims publically stated that the complaints were made against the “President of UPEI”. Thus, the #bullying gang could not turn the complaints onto the victims as a further way to harass, violate, bully and re-victimize females.

When reporting on the CAUT investigation, NJN Network stated,
‘The stories of sleaze and scandalous sexual behavior about “UPEI” were well known around Charlottetown for years. The alleged grant fraud by Hennessey is only one case. Others report theft of intellectual property by senior faculty.”
(“UPEI’ Under Investigation By National Academic Body”, May 2013, NJN Network)

Note: Hennessey , a UPEI Business professor, “UPEI Faculty”, was charged with #fraud by the RCMP and was sentenced in court. Hennessey remained on paid leave until he returned to his position, as a business professor, at #UPEI . The professor, who reported the fraud, was fired, on the spot,

Hennessey went on a paid leave and was a travelling companion of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and the “UPEI president”, while he awaited for his court trial. The Ghiz, “PEI government” was funnelling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gov’t to #UPEI then to personal bank accounts. Hennessey only had to pay the amount of taxes (approximately 100,000) on the money he recieved and was given a year to pay the taxes on it. All of his multitude of trips with the “PEI Premier” and “President of UPEI” were all paid for by taxpayers.

Ironically, a year before , a student who had taken approximately 1,000 dollars from #UPEI , but paid it back to #UPEI and even paid money for a so called investigation was sentenced by the same court. #UPEI insisted on jail time for the student. The judge agreed and sentenced the student (who had been attending university in another province) to jail time, as both UPEI and the Judge stated that the student would not have learned a lesson and such theft needed to be punished with jail time. However, Professor Hennessey stated he had learned his lesson and thus, the judge felt that was good enough for him- no jail time for the Prof; a year to pay the 100,000, owed in taxes. The professor never had to pay for his investigation, but the student did. The #corruption on “Prince Edward Island” is sickening.


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