#UPEI and “PEI Human rights Commission” Allegedly Pulling an “Insurance Scam” on #UPEI’s Carrier, so the #Harassment, #Abuses of Females can Continue to be Promoted

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“PEI Human rights commission” Colludes with the “University of Prince Edward Island” for many reasons; one being an alleged scam that is being pulled on the #UPEI’s insurance carrier; an alleged “insurance scam”.

“PEI Human rights commission” colluded with “University of Prince Edward Island” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials. Massive #Corruption, #Abuses, #harassment, #bullying, #violations of “human rights” on “Prince Edward Island” and at the “PEI Government” run “University of Prince Edward Island”.

One of the bullies from the #UPEI bully gang were hired on at the “PEI Human rights commission” as the officials knew that there would be increased complaints, against #UPEI, as the sexual deviants continue to be rewarded and the victims destroyed.

As well, one victim had described the list of targeted females that had yet to be targeted. This list was given to the former #UPEI fair treatment advocate, Patsy MacLean, and the former #UPEI President (now rumored to be the alleged, behind the scenes, acting president of UPEI along with Ghiz and “Murray Murphy”). Instead of stopping this abuse or even warning the potential victims, #UPEI had Patsy MacLean have one of the bullies, from the #UPEI bully gang, “Turnbull’s bullying group”, hired at the “PEI Human rights commission”, on a “PEI Law Society” grant that she had managed for the Society.

#PEI, “Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission” brutally abused a female victim in a planned, corrupted mediation with #UPEI where this alleged scam was explained by both #UPEI and the “PEI Human rights commission” mediator, /secretary/ pretending to be a lawyer, “Lorraine Buell”.

#UPEI claims Female Students “DESERVE to be Assaulted…. Targetted….bullied….destroyed” “Murray Murphy claimed the victim deserved all the harm, losses and brutal abuses and bullying. “Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member also yelled at the victim that he would destroy her, in one of his many verbal assaults on this victim in this so called “PEI Human rights” mediation process.

“PEI Law Society”, member, “Murray Murphy” bragged of corruption, on #UPEI and #PEI, including his corrupting and colluding with the “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

It was concluded by both “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Human rights commission” that females do not have rights and will not have rights at #UPEI and will be exposed to continued corrupted exploitation and abuses, by those deviants and abusers, in power at #UPEI.

#UPEI openly refused, in a corrupted “human rights” mediation, to do any education on “sexual harassment” and abuses of power, regarding stopping this targeting and abuse of females; instead, there would be more planned rewards for these abusers.

Although education was put in the contract, #UPEI had refused to comply with the contract and it was stated in mediation that it was put in the contract, for appearances only, for a necessity they claimed, for their insurance company to view, if audited.

“UPEI” and “PEI Human Rights commission” stated that although the #UPEI’s insurance company requires education to stop this harassment (because the insurance keeps paying outs to victims) but #UPEI openly stated that they refuse to follow this education requirement, of their insurance carrier, as the required education, “would embarrass them {the abusers, harassers} and “they did not want to embarrass them”. “PEI Human Rights” mediator agreed with “UPEI” representatives.

Instead, of being educated to stop the abuse of females, this continues and is promoted as the sexual deviants, abusers and predators are hailed as heroes and rewarded, promoted for such abuses of females.

Their victims, however, only face further corruption and illegal acts by #UPEI, “PEI human rights” , and the “PEI Government” officials to being demonized, re-victimized and then to the final threat of being totally destroyed.

Such inhumanity, abuses, corruption and deviances to afflict such suffering on other human beings, especially human beings that had endured such abuses and suffering already, in the name of education. Education: #UPEI and #PEI style.

Suffering from being so traumatized, that victims, who suffer from PTSD, due to the extensive trauma they suffered, may never recover. The victims’ experiences would make any human being sick to their stomach. The inhumanity on PEI and UPEI is sick, perverted, and criminal.

“PEI Human Rights” ensures that only the insurance carrier pays out for damages. The “human rights” will not allow any arguments on behalf of victims that would go over the deduction. Thus, all “human rights” violations regarding abusing females are paid solely by their insurance company and thus, this practice will continue and be promoted by the deviant predators and sexual deviants who are in power at #UPEI and #PEI.

Those who help and actively participate in these known abuses and corruption, deviances are rewarded through promotions, grants, jobs, favors and so on. The silent onlookers are given special consideration and a slap on the back.

Meanwhile, a bully, who was initially hired on a grant from Patsy MacLean then his contract picked up by the “PEI Government” where Currie had him put on the government payroll.

The bully, who was part of the bully gang, of the former President, a SU representative and Turnbull. This bully, who is now at the “PEI Human rights commission” alerts the #UPEI bully group, to any females, who access the “PEI Human rights commission” so they can be bullied off campus, falsely accused, brutally slandered before they can submit any complaints, to the commission.

There was one lawyer, who outsmarted this known set-up, between “University of Prince Edward Island” and “PEI Human rights commission”. When the 2 females made “sexual harassment” complaints against the “President of UPEI”, their lawyer immediately did a press release to announce that there were sexual harassment complaints made against the “UPEI President”. Thus, the #UPEI bully gang were prevented from the usual blaming the victim and slandering the victims claiming it is the victims, who were harassing the person who was named in their complaint.

Without this public announcement, by the lawyer of the 2 females making complaints, the bully gang would have spread that the “President of UPEI” was being harassed by 2 females and would have been brutally bullied off campus. This is a well known sleazy bullying trick used at #UPEI and even the corrupted “PEI Human rights commission”. They tell victims it is illegal to state that they are in mediation and illegal to state that they have complaints against UPEI. THis is a lie. In the meantime, they slander the victim by claiming either the abusers are making complaints against the victim or deny they even heard of the any complaints being made at UPEI professors.

For the stronger survivors, who do manage to endure the brutality and inhumanity, and submit their complaints, they will only face further corrupted collusions and more violations and abuses during mediation. They get paid the amount the insurance carrier allows, “PEI Human rights commission” prevents any further pay outs for damages, and the abusers are then rewarded and the victims face further victimization as #UPEI refuses to comply with the contract they signed and refuse to follow laws.

The “PEI Human rights commission” will block any complaints of discrimination and retaliation and will even slander the victims.. The victims will be finally destroyed as was threatened on victims and even threatened on one victim, in a corrupted and abusive “PEI Human rights” mediation process, Nov 2011- May 2012.

Would this not be considered some sort of alleged insurance scam on behalf of #UPEI and the “PEI Human Rights Commission” ?

Fraudulent apology letters were even submitted to the PEI Human rights commission to show the extent of corruption whereby Howard lied stating this could not be a complaint due to a person being from out of province. When the victim checked with another HRC, there was no such rule.

There needs to be an outside investigation on PEI!!! Female students are being brutally abused and exploited with no means to stop these horrendous abuses and violation of rights due to the massive corruption in all official offices and #UPEI, #PEI Government.

. “PEI Law Society” member , “Murray Murphy”, “University of PEI”, #PEI and “PEI Human Rights” commission claim all females who try to expose these abuses and violations, will be destroyed. They have followed through on their threats. The abuses and violations continue at #UPEI.


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