#UPEI, “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy” Circulates Fraudulent Apology letters From a Victim and #Fraud Documents: #UPEI, #PEI Follows through on threats made to victim July, 2011

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“PEI Human rights commission” colluded with “University of Prince Edward Island” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials. Massive #Corruption, #Abuses, #harassment, #bullying, #violations of “human rights” on “Prince Edward Island” and at the “PEI Government” run “University of Prince Edward Island”.

#PEI, “Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission” brutally abused a female victim in a planned, corrupted mediation with #UPEI
#UPEI claims Female Students “DESERVE to be Assaulted…. Targetted….bullied….destroyed” “Murray Murphy claimed the victim deserved all the harm, losses and brutal abuses and bullying. “PEI Law Society”, member, “Murray Murphy” bragged of corruption, on #UPEI and #PEI, including his corrupting and colluding with the “PEI Human Rights Commission”.
It was concluded by both “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Human rights commission” that females do not have rights and will not have rights at #UPEI and will be exploited by those in power at #UPEI. They refused to do any education on sexual harassment and abuses of power, regarding stopping this targeting and abuse of females; instead, there would be more planned rewards for these abusers. “UPEI” and “PEI Human Rights commission” stated that although the #UPEI’s insurance company requires education to stop this harassment (and insurance pay outs to victims) they refuse to follow this requirement by their insurance carrier, as the required education, “would embarrass them {the abusers, harassers} and “they did not want to embarrass them”. As well, “PEI Human Rights” ensures that only the insurance carrier pays out for damages. The “human rights” will not allow any arguments on behalf of victims that would go over the deduction. Thus, all “human rights” violations regarding abusing females are paid solely by their insurance company and thus, this practice will continue.
Would this not be considered some sort of alleged insurance scam on behalf of #UPEI and the “PEI Human Rights Commission” ?
There needs to be an outside investigation on PEI!!! Female students are being brutally abused and exploited with no means to stop these horrendous abuses and violation of rights. “PEI Law Society” member , “Murray Murphy”, “University of PEI”, #PEI and “PEI Human Rights” commission claim all females who try to expose these abuses and violations, will be destroyed. They have followed through on their threats. The abuses and violations continue at #UPEI.

July 2011- Victim was threatened; Specifics of the threats were documented by the victim at the time.
Threats included:
1. Corrupted and abusive “human rights” mediation process
2. Corrupted post mediation with both #UPEI and “PEI Human rights commission”
All threats were followed through and remain ongoing

A planned collusion to corrupt “human rights” process to continue to brutally violate and abuse a victim was well developed and threatened on the victim on July 2011. On Nov 2011, the threats began to be followed through..

The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing”, “UPEI Faculty”, member “Rosemary Herbert”.

The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, “Lorraine Buell”, with the planned corrupted mediation overseen by, “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013)

“Murray Murphy”, Howard, Buell, and “Rosemary Herbert” took an active role in this corrupted mediation, Nov 2011- May 2012. It was corrupted, abusive, and the rules to mediate were breached and “PEI Human rights” and “UPEI” refused to comply with contract to mediate. This had been threatened on the victim back on July 2011.

After this victim was abused for 5 months, they followed through with even greater violations, which included many people, from May 2012- present.

Not only would the victim be abused and have her rights violated, in this so called “human rights” mediation, but #UPEI planned to NOT to even comply, with the contract that they signed, and would further violate and abuse the victim.

As soon as UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws. For example, the victim was banned from #UPEI, #UPEI circulated bogus apology letters from the victim to her abusers, and have refused to stop; the “UPEI Registrar”, Kielly, produced and circulated fraudulent transcripts, and have refused to stop; Herbert and Murphy, along with Lacroix, cut off her thesis advisor, to prevent her from completing her thesis; she was banned access to this public funded UPEI; she was brutally slandered and harassed, among other violations. (May 2012- present-ongoing)

The victim then faced being illegally banned from having access to the public funded #UPEI (Murphy, Herbert, UPEI mediators who signed the contract on behalf of UPEI);

– #UPEI knowingly circulated and continue to circulate fraudulent documents,

– Fraudulent documents, such as fraudulent apology letters, that the victim did not write or sign. Turnbull and Murphy were circulating these fraudulent apology letters. Turnbull, former Dean of Education, was caught submitting them to the STLHE to cover up a scam that UPEI pulled on the STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education). The scam was to get awards for those who had been named on human rights complaints. Turnbull was demoted, Sept 2013, then, he resigned. Ghiz had the demoted dean hired on at his former community college in Quebec.

– “UPEI Registrar”, Kathleen Kielly, produced and circulated, known fraudulent transcripts, and the “University of Prince Edward Island” continued and continues to refuse to comply with the human rights contract, human rights laws, as well as, other laws.

#UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim. The evidence showed that #Prince Edward Island officials, “Prince Edward Island Human rights commission” and #UPEI were involved in the abuse of a female victim, which has lasted over the past 4 years, and remains ongoing.

#UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are illegal and admit to not complying with laws and not complying to a contract; however, they claim they are following the directions of “Murray Murphy” with immunity and protection from “PEI Law Society” member “Murray Murphy and “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Government” officials.


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