Warning: #PEI, #UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”/ Abusing Females, Corrupted Collusions and Fraud Defines this Nightmare Education

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Warning Females #PEI, #UPEI: “University of Prince Edward Island” has Corrupted Collusion with the “PEI Human Rights Commission” where Targeted Female Students are Assaulted, Abused, Violated then Denied Basic Human Rights and Access to Fair Processes.

Definition: #Collusion : “A secret agreement between two or more parties for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.”; (2) where two persons, or groups, enter into a deceitful agreement, usually secret, to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, those with whom they are negotiating. … The fundamental societal objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.”

Those who took active roles in collusion regarding corrupted mediation and post mediation: #UPEI Mediators- “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, “UPEI faculty” from “University of Prince Edward Island”, “Rosemary Herbert”; Corrupted mediator, the “PEI Human rights commission” secretary playing lawyer and mediator, “Lorraine Buell”; former head of “human rights” overseeing entire corrupted collusion from the “PEI Human rights” position was “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013 when victim submitted evidence of his participation in the corrupted collusion). A Corrupted collusion with the “PEI Human rights commission” to abuse and deny female students rights remains in place and even bragged about.

#PEI “PEI Human Rights Commission” has a corrupted collusion with “University of Prince Edward Island”, #UPEI to promote the abuse of female students, deny females basic human rights as well as denying females access to fair processes. Abused #UPEI females are brought into “corrupted human rights mediation” not in good faith where there is bad faith mediation. Females will be abused, harassed, will have #UPEI sign a contract that they don’t intend to comply with then will increase the harassment, discrimination and other abuses while rewarding the predators and deviants.

Female victims are brutally mobbed, harassed, bullied off campus and into silence. They are threatened mercilessly, and exposed to corrupted processes and corrupted officials, who abuse their power, positions, and breach trust and office.

The victim may get to make complaints at the corrupted “PEI Human rights Commission”. However, there is an atrocious scam that the “University of Prince Edward Island” has with the “PEI Human rights” commission.

During the corrupted “human rights” mediation, the victim is exposed to verbal assaults of “Murray Murphy” , legal attacks with bogus laws when she does not have a lawyer, and constant violations due to #UPEI and “PEI Human rights commission” refusing to follow any rules or the rules to mediate. Just brutal abuses of a victim.

They have a corrupted collusion on how to deal with any female victim who makes complaints. There is a corrupted mediation where #UPEI will not comply with the contract they sign with the victim, so the victim can be further abused, re-victimized, brutally bullied, harassed. Denied all rights. The victim will be subsequently banned access to the university so the abusers, sexual deviants and predators can be rewarded and promoted.

This unspeakable corrupted #collusion and the further suffering and abuses that the victim goes through is so vile and repulsive that it is sickening. Inhumanity of extreme degrees as the “University of PEI” colludes with the “PEI Human rights” commission to corrupt the mediation process, as well as, the post mediation process.

Post mediation- after UPEI signs a contract with the victim and refuses to comply, the “PEI Human rights Commission” will prevent the victim from accessing fair processes in order to make complaints, and/or will deny the complaints, in libelous reports, regardless of the blatant evidence, so “UPEI” can continue to destroy their victims while protecting and promoting the deviants, sexual predators, the abusers of females, abusers of power, those who get their ‘kicks’ out of abusing and violating females.

A Case- July 2011- Victim threatened with details of the corrupted collusion both during mediation and post mediation: Specifics of the threats were documented, by the victim, at the time. The details include: who was involved, who would take part, how the scam would work, what would happen, and how and why the corrupted collusion works. The details of the specific harms were unspeakable. However, all the threats were followed through on.

This corrupted collusion is bragged about. Not only are there corrupted hypocrites at #UPEI and the “PEI Human rights commission” but possible sociopaths. They not only brag and reward one another but they have no hindsight into their horrifying and destructive actions where they destroy female victims. Bragging about destroying female victims is unspeakable and sickening. There needs to be investigations into breach of trust and forgery at the least and charges against these corrupt hypocrites/sociopaths aka human rights workers and academia.

In the meantime, bribes and rewards for all those who assault and abuse female students and rewards and bribes for those who participate and assist. A corrupted education institution that neither a student nor a human being should ever be exposed to, under any condition.

This perverted, corrupted, abusive “PEI culture”/ “UPEI culture” has been well known and well protected. The #fraud documents, forged documents, fraud transcripts that are produced makes this NOT any kind of credible institution. UPEI docs and reports are as fraudulent and corrupt as the docs and reports, scams that have corrupted the entire island. Not a surprise, since the government and those that run the government scams are the same ones that run #UPEI and even the “PEI human rights commission”. A corrupt uncivil scandalous island that denies human rights and abuses females and their powers while bragging about their destruction of human beings. Corrupted hypocrites or sociopaths? Does not matter as both groups are dangerous and no one escapes without harm and damages.


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