#UPEI, “University of PEI” has collusion with “PEI Human Rights”: Females severely abused, bullied, denied rights and access to fair processes in corrupted mediation and post mediation collusion

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#Collusion : “A secret agreement between persons/2 groups for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, those with whom they are negotiating. … The fundamental objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.”

The “PEI Human rights commission” colluded with the “University of Prince Edward Island” to harm and abuse a victim, deny her rights and access to fair processes, be brought into an abusive and violating mediation process, not in good faith, where #UPEI would sign a contract, that they had never planned to comply with, to continue to harass and violate the victim, escalate the harm and abuses, post mediation.

The collusion involved a corrupted and abusive mediation process and corrupted post mediation where the female is denied rights, access to fair processes and brutally abused, bullied, harassed, and harmed.

July 2011- Threatened Corrupted Collusion on #UPEI Abused Female Student:

For one “UPEI” female victim, she was threatened, with the specifics, of this planned #collusion, between “UPEI” and the “PEI Human rights commission”. The entire plan, those involved, and the details of the harm, damage and destruction, that she would endure, if she placed her complaints with the “PEI Human rights commission”, were all documented at the time, July 2011.

November 2011- Victim submitted “human rights” complaints to “PEI Human Rights Commission”. She was brought into a very corrupted and abusive human rights mediation not in good faith where she was abused, harassed, bullied, verbally assaulted, threatened, and there was bad faith mediation that dragged on for 5 months, where she was brutally abused.

*note- All threats of corrupted collusion, the harm, specifics were all followed through both in the corrupted mediation and post mediation.

Nov 2011- May 2012: A Corrupted Mediation Process; Corrupted Mediator overseen by corrupted “PEI Human rights”, “Greg Howard”.

As was threatened, July 2011, there was corrupted and abusive “human rights” mediation. The #UPEI female was brought into mediation, not in good faith. The “PEI Human rights” mediator, “Lorraine Buell” is a secretary, who was appointed mediator. This corrupted mediation was overseen by the head of “human rights”, “Greg Howard”.

In this corrupted “collusion”, Howard was to ensure that any complaints regarding the abusive mediation would be blocked.

“Lorraine Buell” (“PEI Human Rights Commission” secretary now mediator) along with “UPEI” mediators, “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy” and his partner, “UPEI Faculty”, “UPEI Nursing” , “Rosemary Herbert” : (some examples)

• refused to follow any of the rules they had signed, in the contract to mediate;

• the victim was exposed to unfair legal attacks,

• The victim was exposed to “harassment”, “bullying”, #UPEI and “PEI Human rights” dragging the mediation, over 5 months, while they tried to wear their victim down, through an abusive mediation and slandering the victim while mediating with her

• “Murray Murphy” threatened the victim, stating he would “destroy her”, “destroy her academic and personal reputations”…that is, what was left of them.

• “Murray Murphy” went into temper tantrums yelling verbal assaults at the victim where he claimed that “Female students DESERVED to be abused,…assaulted….exposed to threats….losses…and it would NOT stop”

• As was threatened, the victim would have even more financial losses when she had to hire lawyers to stop the abuses and unfair legal attacks, where UPEI and Buell had to be told to stop stating bogus laws and for the laypersons: “Lorraine Buell” and “Rosemary Herbert” to stop practicing law.

Post mediation: The “PEI Human rights commission” planned to block, any further complaints , the victim would make, post mediation, such as being illegally banned from the public funded “UPEI”, fraudulent apology letters from the victim to her abusers; fraudulent transcripts; escalated harassment and discrimination due to UPEI’s retaliation and not complying with the contract and/or laws; having her thesis advisor cut off and all other threats that were made to the victim , and documented, July 2011.

The implications of this collusion are that females, on “Prince Edward Island” and at “University of PEI” are DENIED human rights and DENIED access to fair processes. “Murray Murphy” claimed in mediation that the abuse and targeting of female students would continue.

Collusion: Post Mediation (May 2012- Present)

• May 2012-Present: #UPEI (“Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” Refuses to Comply with Mediated Contract they signed with victim (as had been threatened on victim, July 2011)

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws.

For example, the victim was banned access to #UPEI, #UPEI circulated bogus apology letters from the victim to her abusers, and have refused to stop; the “UPEI Registrar”, Kielly, produced and circulated fraudulent transcripts, and has refused to stop; Herbert and Murphy, along with Lacroix, cut off her thesis advisor, to prevent her from completing her thesis; she was banned access to this public funded UPEI; she was brutally slandered and harassed, among other violations. (May 2012- present-ongoing)

The victim was illegally banned from having access to the public funded #UPEI (Murphy, Herbert, and “Rosemary Herbert” were the #UPEI mediators, who signed the contract on behalf of #UPEI then refused to comply with the contract and banned the victim access (illegally). UPEI Officials claim “Murray Murphy” directed them not to comply with the contract, to circulate fraudulent documents, including fraud transcripts and apology letters and to not comply with laws and the contract #UPEI signed);

• When complaints of #discrimination due to the banning and forged apology letters as part of the #retaliation were placed with the “PEI Human rights commission”, “Greg Howard” wrote a libelous report where he refused to acknowledge the victim’s evidence while stating he did not investigate but made statements that were lies and constituted libel. Even #UPEI officials disagreed with his corrupted and libelous report.

• When the victim accessed the “Minister of Justice”, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, “Minister of Education”, one investigation that was started was immediately halted when the victim submitted evidence showing Howard’s involvement in the collusion. Howard resigned within hours and left country within 3 weeks.

• The victim wrote the “Minister of Education”, numerous times, regarding being banned access to the public funded #UPEI. The “Minister of Education” and “PEI Premier Ghiz” refused to acknowledge the banning (they were aware of the banning) yet Ghiz transferred millions from the transfer funds to #UPEI which would be illegal since #UPEI was NOT eligible for public funding when they banned the victim. This could also be an alleged fraud.

The victim has met with “UPEI Officials”, including the “UPEI registrar” and “UPEI VP of academics”. They admit that “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” did not comply with the contract that they mediated with the victim.

Furthermore, #UPEI officials claim that they refused to comply with the contract and refuse to comply with laws and “human rights” laws as they were being directed to do this by “Murray Murphy”.

They acknowledged that they were aware of their illegal actions, causing even further harm to a victim, but stated they refused to stop as they had been given ‘immunity’/protection from being held accountable. The officials claimed that this ‘’immunity’ came from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

#Collusion is denying rights, justice, access to fair processes to victims, basic “human rights”, equality, fairness, while the abuse of female students can continue, still denying them basic rights. Victims will further endure additional “discrimination”, such as being illegally denied access to the public funded university, #UPEI.

There are more violations than collusion. When the victim was illegally banned from #UPEI and then had her thesis advisor cut off, the PEI government was aware of this. As such, they continued to fund #UPEI with taxpayers funds; however, this would be illegal as they had also banned a victim from the #UPEI cancel.

#Collusion is a form of #oppression that will further damage and cause great harm, even total destruction, to the victims while the abusers of these female students can be promoted and even rewarded. This is what is happening on #UPEI and #PEI with this corrupted collusion.

The “collusion” ensures the continuation of targeting and abusing female students; violating, and even the threatened destruction of the victims, with threats of destroying their academic and personal reputations while ensuring their academic and professional goals are destroyed by #UPEI officials.

Just as “Murray Murphy” yelled in mediation, “female students DESERVE to be abused, targeted, harassed, assaulted….it would not stop”. “Murray Murphy” also yelled that he would “DESTROY {the victim}…destroying her academic and personal reputations”….for bringing complaints against #UPEI for that unimaginable #abuses, assault, and brutal destruction she endured at a so called education institution, where students are to be helped not destroyed.

The “collusion” has permitted and will continue to allow and protect this well-practiced inhumane #abuses, violations, destruction, degradation and #violence of female students to continue. These despicable abuses and #corruption, that female students face, in this pseudo “PEI education” system , at #UPEI, is appalling and sickening. Some abused female students are so traumatized they have PTSD.

“UPEI” and the “PEI human rights commission” mediator claimed that this targeting, #abuses, denying rights to females, banning victims’ access will continue at #UPEI, #PEI. The collusion ensures that this will continue.

#UPEI and “PEI Human rights Commission”: STOP ABUSING FEMALE STUDENTS


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