Warning: #UPEI #PEI Corrupt Cover-up of Abusing #Women Students, Forged & Fraud ‘Official’ Documents & Identified Criminal Acts

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After signing human rights mediation contracts with victims, UPEI refuses to comply. Additionally, the abuses and violations are increased! Females abused at University of PEI will be banned access to public education, harassed even more brutally,  with UPEI following through on threats made to victim. PEI Premier Ghiz and Sherry blocked  a formal investigation, regarding a corrupted collusion between UPEI and the corrupt PEI Human rights commission. Of course, no person, office, government official will even acknowledge the multitude of complaints,  made to such offices as “PEI Advisory Council”, “PEI Equality” . Before Ghiz and Sherry blocked the formal complaint, criminal acts were identified,  by one responding to the victim. Criminal acts by the PEI human rights commission and UPEI. SHAME on PEI! Uncivilized when no rules, no rights, no laws are followed.  Hypocrisy rules on this corruptive, abusive, no rules, no rights,  unlawful island

A victim was threatened with the corrupted collusion between #UPEI and the “PEI Human rights commission”. The threats were documented by the victim before placing her complaints with the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission”. All threats were followed through including her being banned from a public funded UPEI due to UPEI refusing to comply with any human rights settlements they sign with victims (bad faith mediation).

A female victim was brought into mediation, not in good faith. The bad faith #mediation included the mediator and #UPEI NOT following any rules, the victim being legally attacked, with bogus laws and cases, by UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy” and 2 laypersons. The victim was harassed and threatened for 5 months. The mediator and #UPEI even mediated WITHOUT the victim.

The “UPEI faculty” member, “Rosemary Herbert” who assisted Murphy, with this corrupt and harassing mediation was promoted to “UPEI Dean of Nursing”, 2 weeks after the contract was signed and then she, Murphy and UPEI refused to comply. Those who help to bully and/or protect this well established abuse of female students are given jobs, grants, promotions.

After signing the mediated contract, #UPEI then claims they do not comply with such contracts and/or laws. #UPEI officials, VP Academics and “UPEI Registrar”, claim they were directed by “Murray Murphy” NOT to comply with the contract, to breach a contract, to refuse to comply with laws. They refuse to stop circulating fraud and forged documents, refuse to stop the harassment, refuse to stop banning the victim, access to a public funded university.

#UPEI “Dean of Education” was caught submitting forged apology letters, from victim to abusers, to a National award’s agency where #UPEI scammed an award, for a professor, who was named on a human rights complaint. The “UPEI Dean of Education” was demoted then resigned (Sept 2013; Dec 2013). This disgraced dean went to work at a community college, in Quebec, where the “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” had graduated from.

The “UPEI Dean of Education” and “Murray Murphy” were circulating these fraud and forged apology letters after “Murray Murphy” signed the mediated contract with the victim to STOP the #harassment. The forged apology letters INCREASED the harassment and degradation of the victim.

“Murray Murphy” and “UPEI VP of Academics” banned the female access and cut her thesis advisor to prevent her from completing her thesis. Her research work was taken by #UPEI THE “UPEI VP Academics” confirmed he was directed by “Murray Murphy” to cut the student’s thesis advisor and cut her access to the university.

#UPEI officials claim that they do not comply with human rights mediated contracts and/or laws; supported by the “PEI Human rights commission” and the “PEI Premier” and his Education and Justice ministers.

Be safe, stay far away from the unlawful PEI, UPEI.

Females who access the Ghiz run “PEI human rights commission” will be exposed to brutal #corruption and corrupted processes such as a bad faith and abusive mediation then corrupt post mediation processes.

#Collusion : “A secret agreement between persons/2 groups for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, those with whom they are negotiating. … The fundamental objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.”

There is a well established corrupted #collusion between #UPEI and the “PEI Human Rights Commission” which is backed by and RUN by the corrupt #PEI government. The details of such a collusion were threatened on a victim which she had officially documented before submitting her complaints to the “PEI Human rights commission”. All threats, including the specifics of the threats, were followed through exactly as had been threatened.

As was threatened, on one victim before placing her complaints with the corrupt “PEI Human Rights” , there is a corrupted collusion between #UPEI and “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

The corrupted, biased, harassing and abusive mediation with “Lorraine Buell” being the corrupted mediator along with “UPEI” mediators: “PEI Law society” member , “Murray Murphy” and his “UPEI Faculty” corrupt mediation partner, “UPEI Nursing Faculty” professor, “Rosemary Herbert”
Overseen by the former head of human rights, “Greg Howard”.

The corrupted and abusive mediation was followed through, exactly as had been described, in the threats, to the victim, in July 2011 (some examples)

• refused to follow any of the rules they had signed, in the contract to mediate;

• the victim was exposed to unfair legal attacks, by #UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy” when the victim did not have a lawyer; and was legally attacked by #UPEI nursing professor, “Rosemary Herbert” and “PEI Human rights” secretary/mediator, “Lorraine Buell”.

• The victim was exposed to “harassment”, “bullying”, #UPEI and “PEI Human rights” dragging the mediation, over 5 months, while they tried to wear their victim down, through an abusive mediation and slandering the victim while mediating with her

• “Murray Murphy” threatened the victim, stating #UPEI and he would “destroy her”, like all other victims of UPEI corruption, Murphy promised he and UPEI would “destroy her academic and personal reputations”…that is, what was left of them, just like have and will continue to do to anyone who exposes UPEI for corruption, fraud, abuses.

• “Murray Murphy” went into temper tantrums yelling verbal assaults at the victim where he claimed that “Female students DESERVED to be abused,…assaulted….exposed to threats….losses…and it would NOT stop”

• As was threatened, the victim would have even more financial losses when she had to hire lawyers to stop the abuses and unfair legal attacks, where #UPEI and #Buell had to be told to stop stating bogus laws and for the laypersons: “Lorraine Buell” and “Rosemary Herbert” to stop practicing law, under the direction of “Murray Murphy”.

Collusion: Post Mediation (May 2012- Present)

• May 2012-Present: #UPEI (“Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” Refuses to Comply with Mediated Contract they signed with victim (as had been threatened on victim, July 2011)
As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws.  UPEI Officials claim they are given ‘immunity’ to break laws, breach contracts and continue the horrid abuses on students and those female victims they had signed contracts with then state they do not comply with such contracts.  Inhumane, ruthless, lawless, barbaric treatment of other human beings.

This corrupt collusion, for post mediation, allows #UPEI to further abuse their victims by increasing the abuses, the #harassment and #discrimination, including:

* banning victims from #UPEI (illegal);

*producing and circulating forged apology letters from victim to her abusers (former Education dean got caught sending these forged letters and fraud documents to a national agency; he was demoted and resigned September 2013);

*produce and circulate, circulate through mail, fraud transcripts, etc.

*Complaints are derailed by the “PEI Human Rights commission” as per their corrupted collusion.

*All formal complaints submitted to #PEI government will be blocked, when evidence to support the complaints, are submitted. (Examples: banning victim from public funded #UPEI and when evidence was submitted to back formal complaints of a corrupted #collusion between #UPEI and “PEI Human Rights”. When the evidence showed that the head of “Human Rights” was involved, he resigned that day, April 2013. The PEI Government refuses to lift their ban on the investigations and refuse to address the additional and horrific abuses that a female victim continues to endure

In one example, a victim endured 5 months of bad faith mediation and abuses, violations, where both #UPEI and the #PEI “Human Rights” refused to comply to the rules, the contract they signed to mediate. The head of human rights refused to withdraw the mediator, even after several complaints, with evidence, and requests for her removal from both the victim and the victim’s support person.

Females are DENIED basic human rights with a collusion between #UPEI and PEI “human rights”. Females are denied access to fair processes. PEI and UPEI are UNSAFE and dangerous for any female. A Female victim DENIED ACCESS TO tax payer funded #UPEI.

A female victim has been banned access to the public funded #UPEI, possibly the first time that a female has been denied access to a public institution. Congrats #UPEI, #PEI, for DENYING FEMALES ACCESS TO EDUCATION. Now, the third world education status of the quality of education on #PEI meets with the third world mentality. As for the “human rights’ commission, those involved at #UPEI, the “PEI Status of women”, those celebrating 2014 and the so called advancements of PEI, well HYPOCRITES, and for some, CORRUPT Hypocrites. The brutal illegal abuse of a former female student, the fraud, the banning, the forged documents, the continual abuses on a victim for 4 years is nothing less than INHUMANE.  The unlawfulness and criminal acts on a victim shows the uncivilized and ruthless actions in such a lawless environment.  NO RULES, NO RIGHTS, NO LAWS.


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