#UPEI Increases Abuses on #Women Claiming #UPEI does NOT comply with “Human Rights” Contracts or Laws

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#UPEI has well established system of targeting and abusing female students. Females are targeted, abused, threatened, gagged, brought into corrupted “human rights” mediation process, NOT in good faith.

There is a known “PEI Human rights commission” bad faith mediation, due to a bragged about and even threatened collusion, a threat made to victims accessing the human rights commission, who are making complaints against UPEI. The collusion between “PEI Human Rights” and #UPEI which protects this well established harassing and discriminatory practice.

UPEI NEVER settles their human rights complaints. #UPEI will sign a mediated contract, after abusing a victim for months in a corrupted mediation, then claim they do NOT comply with such contracts and /or human rights contracts/laws.

#UPEI then INCREASES the abuses on the victim. UPEI follows through on their threats made to a victim,  who documented the threats,  before placing her complaints,  with the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” During the corrupted and abusive, bad faith mediation, “Murray Murphy” had made same threats on victim.

“Murray Murphy” claims that female students “DESERVE to be abused, assaulted, violated, and harmed in brutal and ruthless ways, and suffer massive financial losses as well as destruction of their academic and personal reputations due to the massive bullying, slander and libel, fraud that UPEI circulates to mob the victim off campus and into silence.

“Murray Murphy” claimed he and #UPEI “DESTROYS the academic and personal reputations of ALL victims”. UPEI was caught circulating forged and fraud documents as soon as UPEI signed the mediated contract with the victim.

The “Dean of Education was caught when he submitted them to a National agency to cover up a scam that UPEI was pulling to get National teaching awards for professors who were named in “human rights” complaints. Turnbull was demoted and then resigned to work at the former college, where Ghiz had graduated from, in Quebec.

The “UPEI Registrar” continues to produce and send fraud transcripts, via mail. The forged apology letters and fraud transcripts was also threatened and officially documented by the victim, July 2011. (The victim submitted her complaints against UPEI several months after she had the threats officially documented. All threats, the specifics of the threats have all been followed through as threatened.

The Registrar, Kielly, has refused to stop producing and circulating fraud documents, claiming she has protection from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” to commit such illegal acts.

The illegally banning of a female student, that was approved, July 2011, by Ghiz and government officials would prevent UPEI from being permitted to accept millions in public funding. It would also breach rules that UPEI has to follow as a public university. It also places in question an alleged fraud with the funding. It is blatant discrimination of a female. This is a first in Canada.

Those involved in the corrupted collusion, the corrupted mediation were:
The corrupted and abusive mediation was followed through, exactly as had been described, in the threats, to the victim, in July 2011.
Corrupt mediator, (a Human Rights secretary) “Lorraine Buell” along with “UPEI” mediators, “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy” and his partner, “UPEI Faculty”, “UPEI Nursing” , “Rosemary Herbert” . The corrupted mediation was overseen by “Greg Howard’.

Howard resigned when the victim submitted complaints to the Minister, Sherry’s office, showing evidence of the massive corrupted collusion between PEI human rights commission and UPEI. Howard resigned the same day the victim submitted the evidence and Ghiz and Sherry have blocked the investigation. All government officials, Ghiz, Minister of Education, Sherry, PEI Advisory Bd on the status of women, and even the Minister for status of women refuse to acknowledge any complaints, requests and/or pleas for help to have the abuses stopped
UPEI claim that the female targeting will continue with female students will be brutally abused with abuses and violations increasing. There are no human rights for females on PEI or at UPEI which was openly stated to a victim by officials at UPEI, PEI Human rights and Murray Murphy. Ghiz approves all corrupted processes.


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