#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” Horrific Abuses of Female Students & Identified Criminal Acts Covered up by #Ghiz & #PEI Government

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#UPEI brings abused female into a corrupted and bad faith mediation with “PEI Human Rights Commission”. Victim further harassed, bullied, threatened. Once #UPEI signs a mediated contract, they refuse to comply.

The harassment, violations, discrimination INCREASE. Females are denied rights and access to fair processes. “PEI Human rights commission” (Ghiz run) will block any further complaints . No rules, No rights, No ethics, No humanity . Increased illegal acts and further abuses on their victims, including brutal harassment, circulating fraud and forged documents, slandering their victim. UPEI refuses to allow the victim access to UPEI as they continue to slander her while protecting and rewarding her abusers. All protected by Ghiz and his corrupted officials.

#UPEI targeting and abusing female students and is being protected and promoted by Ghiz and corrupted officials. Promoted by officials at UPEI

. It is well protected and continues, due to the corrupted collusion, between #PEI human rights commission and #UPEI This corrupted collusion is threatened on victims. If a victim proceeds to place her complaints with the “PEI human rights commission” she will be exposed to unimaginable abuses and violations: Corrupted, harassing , no rules, bullying, unlawful mediation; then a corrupted post mediation where #UPEI refuses to comply with the mediated contract they sign with their victims.

According to UPEI officials, “Murray Murphy” refused to comply with the contract he signs with victims AND he directed them (UPEI Officials) NOT to comply with the contract .

UPEI officials claim that their lawyer, “Murray Murphy” directed them to NOT to comply with laws when they produced and circulated fraudulent documents. As soon as UPEI signed a mediated contract with one victim:
* the former UPEI Dean of Education and Murray Murphy circulated forged apology letters, from the victim to her abusers,
*UPEI brutally slandered and harassed victim
* Murphy then UPEI officials illegally banned her from campus ; to illegally cut off her thesis advisor to prevent her from completing her thesis; (banning a victim from a public funded school that receives millions in taxpayers monies–) UPEI IS NOT A PUBLIC SCHOOL AND DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR PUBLIC FUNDING? A possible case for alleged fraud with millions going to fund a non-public university. Banning victims was approved by Ghiz and his officials; thus, they would know that they did not qualify for public funding.

* producing and circulating various versions of fraudulent transcripts while following through on threats that #UPEI and as stated by “Murray Murphy” they will destroy the academic and personal reputations of all female victims— even through illegal means. (All breaches of the contract UPEI had signed with the victim)

Uncivilized, unlawful, unethical.
A Dangerous place to be for anyone, but DESTROYS FEMALE STUDENTS, as they threaten on female victims who were so horrifically abused by UPEI professor then brutally bullied off campus by their massive bullying team.
A DISGRACE for a university, DISGRACE for so called academics, DISGRACE for any politician


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