#UPEI, “University of PEI” Abusing Females Backed by “PEI Premier Ghiz” and Corrupt #PEI Officials

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A female grad student was re-victimized during a corrupted bad faith “human rights” mediation and corrupted post mediation, “Prince Edward Island”, #PEI #Canada The female was threatened with further violence and following through on threats being made by #UPEI lawyer, Murray Murphy. Threats that were documented and subsequently followed through on , by both #UPEI and the corrupted #PEI government officials.

After signing a mediated contract, with the victim, Murray Murphy, Herbert and #UPEI refused to comply. Abuses and violations were INCREASED as was threatened in the bad faith “human rights” mediation.

#UPEI officials, Lacroix and Kielly, claim #UPEI does NOT comply with mediated contracts they sign, and/or human rights laws, and/or laws.
#UPEI officials had refused to stop circulating forged apology letters from victim to her abusers. #UPEI was CAUGHT when the “UPEI Dean of Education” submitted them to a National Agency to cover up a 2 year scam of lies to get National Awards for profs named on “human rights” complaints. The “UPEI Dean of Education has resigned”. #UPEI still refuses to stop producing and circulating fraud and forged ‘official documents’

#UPEI officials claim that their illegal acts will continue as directed by “Murray Murphy”. #UPEI officials claim that their illegal acts are ‘protected’ with ‘immunity’ from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. The targeting and luring, abuse of women, at #UPEI, will NOT stop, so says #UPEI #PEI

Be safe and stay away from PEI, and UPEI, Canada
Does not comply with rights and/or laws
Corruption and Corrupted Officials Rule both PEI and UPEI.
Corrupted, Ghiz run “PEI Human Rights Commission”


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