#PEI “Premier Ghiz” and #PEI “Minister Sherry” Honor #UPEI lawyer with “QC title” while Criminal Acts were identified by Sherry’s Department Investigator: Murphy silent on identity of 2nd lawyer involved

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#UPEI #corruption #abuses #fraud #government #PEI #canada University of Prince Edward Island, Canada is a government, public funded university. It is run by PEI Premier Ghiz and his group of cronies. Education is not high on the agenda. Female grad students are targeted, UPEI has been caught by a national agency submitting forged, fraud documents to cover up 2 years of lying and scamming awards for profs named on “human rights” complaints; the human rights complaints against #UPEI are numerous.

#UPEI does NOT settle any human rights complaints. There is bad faith mediation, victims threatened, and once a mediated contract is signed, #UPEI officials claim they do NOT comply with such contracts and/or laws. UPEI and “Murray Murphy” challenge victims with Murray Murphy’s infamous and unethical “litigation fatigue/financial loss” strategy if anyone requests that UPEI and officials comply with contracts, and/or stop breaking laws.

Victims are re-victimized and endure threats from UPEI and PEI government that are followed through on, even illegal and criminal acts. The Dean of Education resigned when the forgeries were caught by an outside agency. However, #UPEI refuses to stop claiming they have immunity from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” to break laws and continue the brutal abuse on victims.

A formal complaint was submitted to the “PEI Justice Department” where criminal acts were identified by the Justice investigator/lawyer.

“PEI Premier Ghiz”, “Justice Minister Sherry” and “Education Minister MacIsaac” were cc with this information. Sherry and Ghiz then honor Murphy (UPEI lawyer), with a ‘QC’ Title. “Murray Murphy’ was 1 of 2 lawyers identified in 1 of the criminal acts: in producing and circulating forged documents.

Sherry claimed publically that this formal investigation was still ongoing and Murphy and others still under active investigation. Murphy has remained silent on the identity of the 2nd lawyer involved in the forgeries. The forgeries were caught by an outside agency when the dean of education submitted them to a National Agency. The dean of education has resigned as a result.

The 2nd lawyer remains hidden with #Sherry and #Ghiz refusing to respond to updates on this investigation. #Murphy has remained silent since receiving his QC title. The second lawyer involved with “Murray Murphy” ,producing and circulating forged documents, to help UPEI cover up lies and scamming awards for profs, who were named on human rights complaints, for 2 years, is a relative of “PEI Premier Ghiz”

Although the National Agency caught the forged documents, Dean of Education forced to resign, #UPEI officials have refused to stop circulating and submitted forgeries and other fraud documents. #UPEI officials claim they “do not comply with mediated contracts they sign and/or laws”,… claiming ‘immunity’/’protection’ to be held accountable for their illegal and criminal acts. UPEI officials claim they have this protection from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

The government and systems are corrupt to the core on #PEI. The government is run by corrupted, deviants, predators. They will brag of their corruption publically. Be safe, stay far away from PEI, Canada.


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