#UPEI Does Not Qualify for the Millions Received from “Canadian Taxpayers” via “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” transfer payments

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI does NOT qualify for Millions of taxpayers monies it has received through PEI transfer payments.

UPEI does NOT qualify for Millions of taxpayers monies it has received through PEI transfer payments.

Canadian Taxpayers Funding Non-Public Institution:
“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Education” “Minister Alan MacIsaac” have given #UPEI millions each year, from federal funding, via Canadian taxpayers, while they were aware that #UPEI did NOT qualify for public funding.

“PEI” does NOT qualify for the Millions it has received from Canadian taxpayers, via transfer payments, as it denies public access, to females, who sign “human rights” mediated contracts with #UPEI . UPEI’s claim, that they can breach contracts and not follow laws, is NOT a valid reason, to prevent females access to public education, that is funded , by the Canadian taxpayers.

#UPEI banned a female victim and cut off her advisor, as was explained to victim , by “UPEI” officials, as per “Murray Murphy’s” direction. This was also a threat made to victim, several times, including a threat made by “Murray Murphy”, during the abusive “human rights” mediation. As soon as she signed the mediated contract with #UPEI , #UPEI banned her and cut her thesis advisor, as was threatened (breach of contract, bad faith mediation, following through on threats, illegal acts).

“Murray Murphy”, “UPEI Lawyer”, claimed he and “UPEI destroys all female victims” which is being promoted by “PEI Premier Ghiz”. #Ghiz continues to follow through with the brutal abuses on this victim. Abuses that are illegal and some are deemed, criminal acts.

#UPEI claimed they have, what they referred to as, ‘immunity’/’protection’ to do illegal, including criminal acts, from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. This included receiving millions from Canadian taxpayers, via transfer payments, from “PEI Premier Ghiz”, while knowing #UPEI did NOT qualify for such funding, as they are no longer a public institution when they ban female victims, who sign “human rights” mediated contract with #UPEI.

As per the documented threats, made on a female victim, dated July 2011, the #UPEI officials maintain that “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” are directing the illegal and criminal acts, against the female students, including the illegal banning female victims, who sign mediated contracts with UPEI, while providing those involved, (UPEI officials, PEI Human rights commission) with such criminal and illegal acts, a special type of ‘immunity/protection’ for such illegal and criminal acts.


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