#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”, #PEI, Obstruction of Police Investigation: “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Government” Cover-up

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#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” Obstructs Police Investigation; “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Government” Cover-up

#PEI and #UPEI corruption, collusions, abuses, criminal and illegal acts; Big Cover-ups for Ghiz and corrupt PEI officials. When victims report wrongdoing, brutal abuses, and/or try to make complaints with the PEI police; #UPEI and #PEI will interfere and block the investigation, by giving false information and/or #fraud documents. The abused female victims will be threatened to sign untrue gag clauses, so the horrendous abuses and corruption will remain covered up. If victims refuse to sign the illegal gag clauses, they will be forced to face brutal abuses, bullying, slander, and even more horrendous threats, consisting of illegal and criminal acts on a victim, by #UPEI officials and backed by “PEI Premier Ghiz” and PEI officials.

These forged and fraud documents, produced and circulated by “Murray Murphy” and “University of PEI”, were caught by an outside agency which caused #UPEI to demote the “UPEI Dean of Education”. The disgraced dean subsequently resigned and went to work at a community college where “PEI Premier Ghiz” had attended. The interim “UPEI Dean of Education” was also involved in the obstruction of a police investigation at “UPEI”. “Murray Murphy”, “UPEI” , “Herbert”, “PEI Human rights commission” have tied to cover-up the obstruction, in a mediated contract. A “UPEI Professor” would have been charged with a criminal act, if not for this obstruction of a police investigation. “PEI Premier Ghiz” and PEI Government officials are now involved in the cover-up.

The “UPEI SU” (who are supposed to assist students) is with the #UPEI administration and does exactly what the administration/Murray Murphy tells them. They will be rewarded with their corrupted alliances, with administration, as they breach their duties, trust, and for 1 student union president, she breached a legal contract. The Student union President was breaking laws, on behalf of UPEI, as per Murray Murphy’s direction, to further abuse a female student and breach a mediated “human rights” contract that “UPEI” signed with a female victim. The former #UPEI SU President is now working in “Sean Casey, M.P.” , “Government of Canada”, Ottawa office.

All investigations at #UPEI are bogus, non-transparent, no rules or policies are followed. There is a promotion of targeting. luring, and holding female students against their will, where they are brutally abused. This activity continues as #UPEI, “PEI Premier Ghiz’ and his corrupt officials are promoting this abuse/violence against females.

“University of PEI” has a known corrupted #collusion with the Ghiz run “PEI human rights commission” that further violates those, who place complaints against #UPEI The specifics of the threats of harm and losses , due to this corrupted collusion, was documented by one victim, before placing her complaints with the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” . All threats were followed through and continue to date (July 2011- ongoing).

There is corrupted and bad faith mediation and corrupted post mediation processes, where all rules, policies, and laws are NOT followed. Females are denied #rights and access to fair processes.

After months of violating, illegal acts and further bullying, threats, “human rights” violations on a female victim, in a corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” mediation process, #UPEI will sign a mediated contract with the victim. But, as was threatened a year before, for 1 victim, #UPEI will not comply with any contracts they sign and will INCREASE the harassment, discrimination, and abuses. The lies, bullying and brutality towards the victim is inhumane. There are criminal and illegal acts.

#UPEI officials have refused to stop doing illegal acts, even when they were caught by outside agencies circulating and submitting forged and #fraud documents.

UPEI will increase the #abuses #violations #harassment #slander #bullying and illegal acts ,such as banning the victim access to public funded education (UPEI), refuse to stop circulating fraud and forged documents (criminal acts) , increase the harassment, slander, and brutal bullying of the victim.

#UPEI has refused to cooperate with outside investigations; claims publically they do NOT comply with policies, rules, regulations; while professing their own “confidential ways of dealing with problems”. Victims have claimed the confidential ways are illegal, corrupt, unethical.

A formal complaint was submitted and accepted by the PEI Justice “Minister Janice Sherry”, regarding the #corruption , #fraud , increased “human rights violations”, #discrimination , #harassment and abuses that a female victim endured. Such as, bad faith mediation, corrupted collusion, threats, and corrupted post mediation, including the forged and #fraud documents.

A lawyer/investigator in the Justice Department identified criminal acts in the victim’s complaint. These criminal acts were also cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Justice Minister Sherry” and Education Minister, “Alan MacIsaac” and the 2 law firms where each lawyer worked. Again, the victim requested a halt to the forged documents that UPEI refused to stop circulating. These were forged documents that were deemed a ‘criminal act’ by the “PEI Justice Department” lawyer/investigator.

In response to this information, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry was confronted ,by the victim, in public. Sherry stated publically, that the investigation against UPEI, PEI Human Rights Commission, Murray Murphy and another #PEI lawyer was still under active investigation.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” have refused to respond to questions surrounding their awarding Murphy a QC title , while Sherry proclaimed, publically, that Murphy, #UPEI , and “PEI Human rights commission” formal corruption complaints were still under active investigation. An active investigation that described the forgeries, written by Murphy and an unnamed lawyer (related to #Ghiz ), as being a criminal act.

The victim claims the identity of the 2nd lawyer, involved in the forgeries, is RELATED to “PEI Premier Ghiz” . Murphy has remained silent regarding the identity of the second lawyer involved with the forged documents.

The “UPEI Registrar” and “VP Academics UPEI” have refused to stop sending forged, and other fraud documents (through the mail) claiming they were being directed to do such illegal acts by “Murray Murphy”.

#UPEI officials have refused to stop the brutal increased abuses, criminal and illegal acts against females who signed mediated contracts with the “University of Prince Edward Island”.

#UPEI claimed they have, what they referred to as, ‘immunity’/’protection’ to do illegal, including criminal acts, from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. As such, #UPEI have refused to stop the illegal and criminal acts.

As per the documented threats made on a female victim, dated July 2011, the #UPEI officials maintain that “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” are directing the illegal and criminal acts against the female students while providing those involved with such criminal and illegal acts ‘immunity/protection’.

Canadian Taxpayers Funding Non-Public Institution:
“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Education” “Minister Alan MacIsaac” have given #UPEI millions each year, from federal funding, via Canadian taxpayers, while they were aware that #UPEI did NOT qualify for public funding.

“PEI” does NOT qualify for the Millions it has received from Canadian taxpayers, via transfer payments, as it denies public access to females who sign “human rights” mediated contracts with #UPEI . UPEI’s claim, that they can breach contracts and not follow laws, is NOT a valid reason to prevent females access to public education, that is funded , by the Canadian taxpayers.

#UPEI banned the victim and cut off her advisor, as was explained to victim ,as per “Murray Murphy’s” direction. She was unable to complete her thesis and this affected her transcript. UPEI claiming she failed but she was banned. This was verified by emails, meetings, with witnesses present. This was also a documented threat on the victim July 2011. It was also a threat made to victim, by “Murray Murphy”, during the abusive “human rights” mediation. As soon as she signed the mediated contract with #UPEI , #UPEI banned her and cut her thesis advisor.

Murray Murphy, “UPEI Lawyer”, claimed he and “UPEI destroys all female victims” which is being promoted by “PEI Premier Ghiz”. #Ghiz continues to follow through with the brutal abuses on this victim. Abuses that are illegal and some are deemed, criminal acts.


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