#UPEI, “University of PEI” Officials Claim “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” Providing ‘Protection’ to Promote Abuses Against Female Students

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"PEI Premier Robert Ghiz" Promoting Brutal Abuses, Violence, Illegal and Criminal Acts Against Female Students Abused at #UPEI

“PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” Promoting Brutal Abuses, Violence, Illegal and Criminal Acts Against Female Students Abused at #UPEI

Violence against females is promoted at the “University of PEI”. Victims will be brutally “destroyed” (as described by UPEI). The abusers and those, who help, are rewarded for the corrupted and illegal acts, against female victims. Lies, Slander, Fraudulent documents, Increased abuses, “Harassment”, “discrimination”, illegal and criminal acts on female victims who are brutally abused at “UPEI”. Inhumanity, Unethical, Illegal

UPEI and PEI’s Explanations are ‘Half-truths’ and known deception (lies):

When “UPEI”, “PEI Premier Ghiz”, and/or “PEI Government” officials are questioned about the complaints of further abuses, illegal acts against victims, and/or breaches, they have, an agreed upon statement, that they state to the public, in response. They state that they have “settled with the victim” and ‘even signed a contract with her”. HOWEVER, this is NOT a complete statement and thus, deceitful and a lie. “UPEI” does sign a mediated contract, but, as was threatened on 1 victim, “UPEI” has no intentions of complying with the contract and will INCREASE the abuses and illegal acts on the victims. But, these officials fail to mention that they breach and refuse to comply with contracts they sign and/or fail to mention that they have increased the illegal, criminal acts and brutal abuses, “harassment” and “discrimination” on the victims. Instead, of complying with the contract, they have refused and maintain an increase in illegal acts against the victim, including fraud and forgeries, criminal harassment, slander, libel, discrimination, banning access to public education, and so on.

Lies, Lies, More Lies with Fraud and Forged Documents Being Submitted to a National Agency
UPEI was caught lying and submitting forged and fraud documents to a National Agency. UPEI had submitted forged apology letters, from a victim to her abusers, to cover-up several years of lies and scams they were pulling, to get awards for professors, who were named on “PEI human rights complaints”. It had been threatened, (July, 2011) on a victim, that as soon as she signed a mediated contract with UPEI, they would circulate apology letters to her abusers (Aug 2012-ongoing). UPEI and PEI officials, including the lawyers involved, refused to stop circulating these forged letters. The forged apology letters were even submitted to the former Head of Human rights by “Murray Murphy”!! which was a breach in the human rights mediated contract by both “PEI human rights commission” and “Murray Murphy” and “UPEI”. The victim was slandered (and libel) by those involved.

When the former “Dean of Education” and “Murray Murphy”, along with a 2nd lawyer, who the victim claims is related to “PEI Premier Ghiz, submitted the forged documents, to a National Agency, to cover up the scam and lies, they were CAUGHT. The former dean was demoted and he subsequently resigned. The Dean was hired at a community college, where “PEI Premier Ghiz” had attended. The interim Dean is a professor who was involved in the brutal slander and bullying of a victim off campus. As well, the interim Dean, was involved with the former “UPEI dean of education”, in the obstruction of a police investigation, to prevent the police from charging a “UPEI Education” professor, and with the subsequent cover-ups.

Lies and Fraud to Obstruct a Police Investigation
UPEI administration and some professors also lied and submitted fraud documents to prevent a “UPEI Education” professor from being charged by the police. The obstruction of a police investigation occurred when a victim made a complaint with the police. when the professor learned that charges would be laid, UPEI obstructed the investigation with false statements and fraud documents to stop the police from charging the professor. “UPEI”, “PEI Human rights commission”, several lawyers and “PEI Premier Ghiz” and involved “PEI government” officials have committed further illegal and criminal acts, further abuses to a victim, to cover-up this obstruction of a police investigation.

“UPEI” “DESTROYS” female victims in the most Horrid and Uncivilized Ways; Including Illegal and Criminal Acts
There is a promotion of violence and abuses of female students at the “University of PEI”. “UPEI” processes are NOT transparent, they refuse to co-operate with outside agencies, refuse to comply with their own policies and will brutally re-victimize and violate the female victims until they are “destroyed”. There is slander, fraud, obstruction, corrupted processes, mass bullying, false accusations, lies, further illegal and criminal acts against female victims. UPEI states that it “destroys all female victims” (as per Murray Murphy’s statements in a corrupted “human rights’ mediation- May 2012; Subsequently, the specific threats of “destruction” by “UPEI” and “PEI” officials have been followed through on). The abusers and those, who assisted, in the abuses, corrupted and/or illegal acts, against the victim, are rewarded.

UPEI officials Maintain: UPEI Does NOT Comply with the Human Rights Mediated Contracts they Sign with Victims and Does NOT comply with Laws; and Does NOT Comply and/or Abide to ANY HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS!

After an abusive and corrupted “PEI human rights mediation”, “UPEI will sign a mediated contract with the victim. As soon as “UPEI” signs the contract, they will refuse to comply and will breach the contract while they INCREASE the abuses, criminal and illegal acts, against the victim. “UPEI Registrar” and “UPEI Vice-President Academic” (“Kathleen Kielly” and “Christian Lacroix”) claim they are being directed, by “PEI law society” member, “Murray Murphy” to breach contracts, illegally; ban the victim access to public education, produce fraud and forged documents, increase the harassment, slander and abuses on the victim. Illegal and unethical acts. These illegal and unethical acts from UPEI Administration.

UPEI Officials Claim they have, what they refer to as, ‘immunity/protection’ to commit brutal abuses, illegal and criminal acts against female victims: Illegal and most INHUMANE acts being ‘protected’ by the “PEI Premier”
“UPEI officials” claim they will continue to do, known illegal and criminal acts, against the victim, as they have been given ‘immunity’/’protection’ from “PEI Premier Ghiz” who promotes and supports the increased illegal acts and abuses against females, who were abused at “UPEI”.

Formal Investigation Causes Howard to Resign (April, 2013) But is Mysteriously Halted/Derailed Without Explanation, by Ghiz and , when a Justice Lawyer/Investigator Identifies Criminal Acts in the Victim’s Complaints: Lawyers Identified with the Criminal Act of Forgery Causing More Illegal Acts and Cover-ups

A formal complaint was submitted and accepted by the PEI Justice “Minister Janice Sherry”, who oversees the “PEI human rights commission”, regarding the #corruption , #fraud , increased “human rights violations”, #discrimination , #harassment and abuses that a female victim endured during a corrupted “PEI Human rights” mediation and post mediation processes.

A lawyer/investigator in the Justice Department identified criminal acts in the victim’s complaint. These criminal acts were also cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Justice Minister Sherry” and Education Minister, “Alan MacIsaac” and the 2 law firms where each lawyer worked.

In response to this information, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry was confronted ,by the victim, in public. Sherry stated publically, that the investigation against UPEI, PEI Human Rights Commission, Murray Murphy and another #PEI lawyer was still under active investigation.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” have refused to respond, to questions, surrounding their awarding Murphy a QC title , while Sherry proclaimed, publically, that Murphy, #UPEI , and “PEI Human rights commission” formal corruption complaints were still under active investigation.

The female victim claims the identity of the 2nd lawyer, involved in the forgeries, is RELATED to “PEI Premier Ghiz” . Murphy has remained silent regarding the identity of the second lawyer involved with the forged documents.


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