#UPEI, “University of PEI” Forging Documents, Illegal and Criminal Acts Promoted by #PEI, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “PEI Human Rights Commission”

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"UPEI" lawyer and former "UPEI Dean of Education" circulated and submitted forged and fraud documents to a National Agency to cover up years of lies and scams

“UPEI” lawyer and former “UPEI Dean of Education” circulated and submitted forged and fraud documents to a National Agency to cover up years of lies and scams

A female victim endured 5 months of an abusive and corrupted “PEI Human rights commission” mediation with “University of PEI”. Once a mediated “human rights” contract was signed with the victim, “UPEI” refused to comply with the contract and INCREASED the abuses, “harassment”, “discrimination” , illegal and criminal acts on the victim. Increased abuses and illegal acts from “UPEI” and “PEI Human rights commission” was threatened, on the victim, (with threats documented) several times. These illegal and criminal acts were followed through on and being approved, supported, and promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

As soon as the “PEI Human rights commission” mediated contract was signed, and as had been threatened on a victim almost a year before, “University of PEI” and “UPEI Lawyer” , “Murray Murphy”, circulated forged apology letters, from victim to her abusers. These forged documents were even submitted to the “PEI Human rights commission” as a way to increase the harassment on the victim. “PEI human rights” and “UPEI” breached the mediated contract with UPEI submitting these forged apology letters and the manner in which the Head of “human rights” responded.

Forged letters were also submitted to a National agency, to cover up years of UPEI’s lies and scamming National awards for “UPEI Professors” who were named on “human rights” complaints. However, they were caught as forgeries when submitted to this national agency. As a result, “UPEI” demoted the disgraced “UPEI dean of education” and he subsequently resigned. He was hired at the former college where “PEI Premier Ghiz” had attended in Quebec.

#UPEI officials claim, they were aware that their actions to breach and refuse to comply with a mediated contract; not to comply with laws, including forged and fraud documents, banning the victim access to a public funded #UPEI and other illegal and even criminal acts were against the law. They openly admitted they were breaking laws, some being criminal acts.

However, #UPEI officials claimed that they would continue on this course, of illegal actions, as directed by “Murray Murphy” as they had been given ‘immunity’/protection to continue to do illegal acts by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” The fraud and forged documents increases the “harassment” and illegal acts against an abused and traumatized victim. “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” has interfered and blocked a formal investigation, regarding the criminal and illegal acts, regarding this case, that was submitted to the “PEI Justice Department”. When “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” were notified of illegal and criminal acts, of fraud and forgery by 2 lawyers, “Murray Murphy” and a 2nd PEI lawyer (related to the Premier) in this investigation, Ghiz and Sherry gave #Murphy a QC title and Ghiz’s relative has remained concealed. They both blocked the investigation and have refused to respond regarding the multitude number of requests for updates on the investigation.

“UPEI” official documents are NOT credible. “UPEI” have refused to stop the fraud and forged documents, refused to stop making fraud transcripts

These forged apology letters had been threatened on a female victim in July 2011. As well, a threatened corrupted “PEI human rights commission” mediation and post mediation processes, #UPEI refusing to comply with mediated contracts to increase the abuses and criminal acts on the victim during post mediation, the forged and fraud documents that are still being circulated by “UPEI”, with the support and, according to “UPEI” officials, “UPEI Registrar” and “UPEI Vice-President Academic”, fraud and criminal acts that are approved, supported and promoted by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz’.

“PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” halted a “PEI Justice Department” investigation, on complaints of a corrupted collusion between “UPEI” and “PEI human rights”, when a lawyer, in the “Pei justice Department” identified the forgeries, 2 lawyers connected to the forgeries, as a criminal act. “PEI Premier Ghiz” and #Sherry were notified and they awarded one of the lawyers, involved in the forgeries, a ‘QC title’. The victim claims the 2nd lawyer is related to “Premier Robert Ghiz”. #Sherry publically claimed that the investigation, regarding the victim’s complaints, were still under “active investigation” while #Sherry and #Ghiz honored 1 lawyer involved, in the forgeries, a ‘QC title. #Ghiz, #Sherry, “PEI Government” have refused to respond to multitude of requests for updates on this formal investigation since the honoring of 1 lawyer, identified involved in a CRIMINAL act, was honored with a ‘QC title’ by “Premier Ghiz” and #Sherrt


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