Health PEI Corruption and Abuses: Destroying and Killing of Patients on PEI, Canada

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December 2014:  Dr. Heather Keizer went to her former boss, UPEI President, now acting PEI Premier, to discuss threats made on a student by UPEI and being brought into a bad faith mediation and corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission Mediated process.  The threats were followed through on and the student had been brought into the QEH, PEI unconscious as a result.  There was massive harm done to this student, ongoing damages where the prognosis is death, no cure. 

Threats were documented, reported to police, lawyers, officials yet they were followed through on and now the patient has endured further abuses and illegal acts by Health PEI.  Abuses, harm intentionally caused by those involved at Health PEI.  What a health system that will kill patients then cover it up with further illegal acts and abuses. Inhumanity is an understatement.

  •  Why was Dr. Keizer given huge promotions and salary increases? 
  • What was she paid to do?  Were those acts legal? ethical?
  • What is Dr. Keizer’s roles regarding illegal acts, abuses, to this student/patient?
  • How was a patient further harmed, brutally abused,  as a result of Dr. Keizer’s actions?
  • How was a dying patient further abused, intentionally harmed, along with her family?
  • How many patients’ files, medical records (legal documents) does Dr. Keizer control? alter?
  • How many patients has Dr. Keizer intentionally harmed?

Health PEI is a corrupted mess. 
Health PEI is destroying and causing death to patients
Health PEI is involved in criminal cover-ups


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