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Health PEI is a corrupted, dangerous mess.  Henderson was appointed to this portfolio when Currie quickly exited the portfolio in January.  There was a reason why Currie was shuffled out of the health portfolio so quickly by his “boss”.  Henderson eagerly agreed to continue to take part/participate where Currie left off.  

The corrupted Health PEI has harmed and brutally abused patients.  This includes patients’ being denied health care, being denied appropriate health care,  covering up massive abuses and alleged negligence, massive incompetence and malpractice.

  • This corrupted system continues under the newly appointed PEI Minister of Health.
  • Who is the “boss” of this corrupted mess?

Who else is involved?  Name the doctors, specialists, social workers, hospitals, health care workers, administrators, and all those involved!  It is a massive  cover-up with great payoffs and rewards for everyone involved in such illegal acts.  Abusive and deadly consequences for their victims/patients.

Patients’ ongoing suffering and dying have continued to benefit the so-called inhumane,  incompetent, corrupted and unethical health care professionals greatly!  PEI Health involved in the inhuman treatment of patients including deadly consequences to some of the patients involved.


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