Health PEI Dangerous and Corrupted

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Health PEI has been involved in illegal and unethical acts which has violated both civil and criminal laws, Canada Health Act, along with doctors and other health care professionals who are in massive violations with their governing bodies.

For the past several years, PEI Health, EMS, Hospital administration at both QEH and PCH, along with doctors, specialists, social workers and others have been involved in massive corrupted cover-ups of abusing patients and alleged negligence, incompetence, malpractice that has harmed patients and have even been knowingly involved in causing their deaths.  Not only will licences be suspended, but the acts are so criminal that there would and should be criminal prosecution.  No one has a licence to kill and/or cover up others who have been involved in such criminal acts.

All cover-ups and those involved have been given massive pay-offs.


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