Dr. Heather Keizer’s former boss at University of PEI gave her a new salary hike and promotions since 2014.  How much have you been paid since 2014 Dr. Keizer?  To do what? Who else is involved? Is that being lawful? ethical?

  • Massive payoffs and promotions for the corrupt, unethical doctors and health care ‘professionals’ on PEI.  Massive payoffs and promotions for all those in both ‘professional’  and administrative roles, who will help and participate in the abuses, violations, harm causing death to patients.  Huge cover-ups at Health PEI!
  • Immunity from prosecution has always been promised by “the Boss”; but, if caught by outside and off island officials does this so-called “immunity from prosecution to do criminal acts”  be evoked?  Can the so-called professionals and Health PEI officials that are involved in criminal cover-ups be held accountable?   These illegal acts are so unethical and criminal it would shock their fellow sociopaths and psychopaths.  

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