Health PEI: Corrupted, Incompetent, Dangerous System

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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PEI Health and ellness is Dangerous to your Health

Health PEI and Wellness Destroying Patients with corruption, cover-ups of incompetence

PEI Health and Wellness Minister, Henderson

Massive corruption, abuses, illegal and unethical acts within this corrupted health care system.

Many doctors, specialists, administrators, some social workers, radiologists and others are and have participated, actively involved, and continue to do massive destruction to patients and their families, in the name of health care.  Illegal acts and unethical behaviors are abundant.

UPEI & PEI: Corruption, Deviants, No Human Rights

Health PEI Corrupted, Incompetent, Dangerous System Health PEI Corrupted, Incompetent, Dangerous System

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