Prince Edward Island Health Cover-ups with PEI EMS

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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PEI Health continues to cover up the corruption and illegal acts at PEI EMS.  It has been permitted to continue by such people as Sullivan, R.N., Currie, Henderson, QEH, PCH, Premiers, Administrators, doctors, specialists and many others.   And now, it has escalated past the inhumane abuses but are involved in causing deaths.

If the practice of giving controlled drugs, illegally, to patients, had been STOPPED when known years ago, maybe a young person would NOT be dying, now, as a result.  More massive corrupted cover-ups have further abused a dying patient and destroyed the entie family.

IEMS (Prince Edward Island EMS) has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

One female was so overdosed and the cardiac/respiratory arrest could not be managed by the EMT who put her into the arrest due to his overdosing her.

Her prognosis is death.

Health PEI, Sullivan, QEH, PCH has been covering up this morbid, illegal practice.  WHY???


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