Health PEI Paying Millions for Hiding Abuses, Harm, Death of PEI Patients

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Health PEI: Incompetence Rules

Dr. Heather Keizer has been paid millions since 2014 to do illegal acts in covering up overdoses, death, medical mistakes, abusing patients, damages to patients, lying to Off Island doctors, causing further psychological trauma to an abused patient, breaking laws to purposively cause harm to a patient, falsifying medical documents, preventing a patient from receiving appropriate health care, and many other illegal and immoral acts.

There are MANY MORE doctors and specialists who have been involved in criminal and illegal acts against their patient, purposively causing harm to patient, falsifying medical records, lying, …the list is endless

PEI Health and Wellness is plagued with massive corruption.  

MANY Doctors, Specialists, Administrators, and others involved in falsifying records to cover up massive incompetence, mistakes, health care abuses, damages and even death for some patients.  NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the incompetence and abuses.

Doctors, Specialists, Administrators LYING and covering up the massive abuses and corruption in other unethical and illegal ways.  Lying to patients, families and other off island doctors and specialists.

Patients are being abused, mistreated, improper health care, no health care, and the medical mistakes are being covered up, in massive, corrupted scams that involves many doctors, specialists, administrators and others with many rewards to the corrupted (un)professionals.

The PEI EMS service is dangerous as it is corrupt and caught doing illegal acts.  All covered-up again by PEI Health and Sullivan, R.N.  


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