PEI EMS and PEI Health Corruption and Incompetence

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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PEI EMS and Health PEI corruption and cover ups of Incompetence, fraud, Illegal acts, administering controlled drugs without orders to cause sedation in females, overdosed one patient causing respiratory and cardiac arrest which led to further abuses in cover-ups where the patient is dying as a result, no cure, EMS and Health PEI have blood on their hands.  This massive corruption and illegal acts were well-known and hidden, NOT stopped by Health PEI, Hospitals, Administrators, Government Officials.  In fact, it was promoted by the deviants who run Health PEI and the corrupted who call themselves Health Professionals at the hospitals on PEI, Canada

Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness, PEI EMS,

PEI, Canada

PEI EMS have been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

Females were  being overly sedated without orders and against protocol.  Why?

One female was so overdosed and the cardiac/respiratory arrest could not be managed by the EMT who put her into the arrest due to his overdosing her.

Her prognosis is death.

Massive fraud, abuses, incompetence, corruption infests the entire Health care system on PEI, Canada.

Falsifying medical records, altering medical records, lying, brutal abuses of patients, denying patients their rights, breaking laws, causing further health damage by not treating patients due to the negligent acts causing further health damages are just a few examples of the immoral deviants who provide “health care”

Health PEI, PEI Health Minister, Sullivan, R.N. at Health PEI, PEI EMS – IEMS- ; as well as, Administrators, Doctors, Specialists, Radiologists and ER departments at  QEH, PCH have been covering up this morbid, illegal practice.  WHY???  Covering up illegal acts, abuses, harm, death, incompetence with further illegal acts.


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