PEI EMS Over Sedating Females with Versed and Health PEI Covers Up all Illegal Acts

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Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness, PEI EMS,

PEI, Canada

PEI EMS have been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

Females were  being overly sedated without orders and against protocol.  Why?

One female was so overdosed and the cardiac/respiratory arrest could not be managed by the EMT who put her into the arrest due to his overdosing her.

Her prognosis is death.

Massive fraud, abuses, incompetence, corruption infests the entire Health care system on PEI, Canada.  Covered up with further abuses, fraud, corrupted illegal acts.

Falsifying medical records, altering medical records, lying, brutal abuses of patients, denying patients their rights, breaking laws, causing further health damage by not treating patients due to the negligent acts causing further health damages are just a few examples of the immoral deviants who provide “health care”

Health PEI, PEI Health Minister, Sullivan, R.N. at Health PEI, PEI EMS – IEMS- ; as well as, Administrators, Doctors, Specialists, Radiologists and ER departments at  QEH, PCH have been covering up this morbid, illegal practice.  WHY???  Covering up illegal acts, abuses, harm, death, incompetence with further illegal acts.

Fraud, falsifying records, making up assessments, adding false medical information, breaking laws, abusing patients, covering up massive negligence including fatalities and the list is endless.

Doctors, Specialists, Radiologists, Administrators, Health PEI, PEI Health Ministers (former and present) , PEI Health Board, hospitals – including ERs , Diagnostic Imaging and Records Departments.  The administrations refuse to comply with laws and reinforce the corruption and incompetence.

There will continue to be ongoing and more deaths while this massive health care system continues to destroy Islanders while benefiting the corrupted.

PEI EMS over sedating females with VERSED, a very dangerous drug, that can put patients into respiratory and cardiac arrest.  If incompetent to deal with this emergency, and in one case, the EMT did not recognize and/or act competently to prevent ongoing damage to  this female’s heart and lungs.  Ongoing collapsing and destruction of her heart.

There is no cure.  Her prognosis is a painful death.

She has been tortured and put through such corrupted abuses by those who have tried to cover it up.  Of Course, they were well paid, right Keizer? Drost? and so many.  The illegal acts are so many, it is too numerous to count.

Bullying a female to death.

PEI Premier : This bullied female is but one of many fatalities of your bullying ways.  But, for anyone to have bullied and harassed this women so inhumanely, one doubts that such a psychopath would have conscience or even empathy towards an abused and dying woman.

The Big Fat Pay Off to a Big Fat Corrupted, Unethical, Abusive Psychiatrist:  Millions to do further illegal acts and cause further trauma and abuse to a patient.  Are you even a HUMAN BEING, Dr. Heather Keizer???

December 2014: Dr. Heather Keizer went to her former boss, UPEI President, now acting PEI Premier, to discuss threats made on a student by UPEI and being brought into a bad faith mediation and corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission Mediated process.

Why was Dr. Keizer given huge promotions and salary increases?
What was she paid to do? Were those acts legal? ethical?
What is Dr. Keizer’s roles regarding illegal acts, abuses, to this student/patient?
How was this person further harmed, brutally abused, as a result of Dr. Keizer’s actions?
How was a dying patient further abused, intentionally harmed, along with her family?
How many patients’ files, medical records (legal documents) does Dr. Keizer control? alter?
How many patients has Dr. Keizer intentionally harmed?

Health PEI is a corrupted mess.
Health PEI is destroying and causing death to patients
Health PEI is involved in criminal cover-ups
Health PEI is a FAILURE to deliver safe basic health care to Canadians who live on PEI


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