PEI health care fraud and patient abuses is massive.

Patients are abused both physically and verbally , emotional violence.

Health care is not available on PEI.  Instead, we have abusive and very corrupted doctors, health care practices. 

Falsifying, altering, verbal and physical abuse of patients is common practice. 

Doctors are harming patients and permitted to do so with rewards for covering up malpractice and negligence.

Some of the doctors who have been:

  • caught lying to other off Island doctors, patients, families;
  • abusing patients verbally, slandering them, falsely accusing them of horrendous acts
  • mental cruelty and verbal abuse is violence; but, violence is acceptable practice for PEI Physicians
  • Refusing and denying health care when people have chest pain, shortness of breath
  • Falsifying and altering medical records
  • Falsifying and altering diagnostic tests
  • Getting paid for cover ups and writing bogus reports
  • Refusing medical records to patients and other doctors
  • Deleting medical records from the electronic medical health system- shame on Dr. Heather Keizer!
  • Altering diagnostic reports; shame on Dr. Heather Keizer and Dr. Nicole Drost- that should be ‘worrisome’ indeed for these 2 abusive doctors as this would be illegal.
  • Covering up illegal acts, medications given illegally, overdosing patients, causing cardiac and respiratory arrest
  • Versed is given, without orders, against protocol by PEI EMS, or Island EMS and this practice is covered up by hospitals, Sullivan, RN, Health PEI, doctors and others

One abusive example:

  • Versed was given to a female in an overdose amount that put the female into cardiac respiratory arrest, this was covered up by PEI Health, QEH, Dr. Heather Keizer, Dr. Nicole Drost and others.
  • The patient was further abused when denied health care and slandered as being “crazy” with having chest pain and SOB.  Her cardiac and lung problems were diagnosed by an off island specialist. The records showed the abusive cover up by PEI Health, hospitals and doctors.  Such doctors involved are listed below.  This abusive scam was run by Dr. Heather Keizer and Dr. Nicole Drost.  They had eager participants.
  • She had gone into cardiac and respiratory arrest when she was overdosed by EMS with Versed, illegally,.  The incompetent EMT put an airway and took an airway out incorrectly putting cysts in her lungs.  The EKGs and ECHO showed the specific cause of her cardiac damage that could only be caused by the cardiac arrest
  • The altered and falsified records were caught.
  • The doctors involved were many, and include such physicians as:
    Dr. Heather Keizer
    Dr. Nicole Drost
    Dr. Barbara M. Ross
    Dr Anthony Onikoyi-Deckon
    Dr Harminder Dhillon
    Dr Brad Brandon
    Dr Thor Christensen
    Dr John Dickman
    Dr N Murphy
  • Dr. Monica McNeill
  • Dr. Pat Bergin

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Prince County Hospital, Summerside, PEI Canada

  • Social Worker, Maxine Barbour

EMS, Island EMS, overseen by Health PEI and Sullivan, R. N.

The female’s prognosis is NO CURE; Death!  And an abusive attempt by the inhuman and corrupted ‘health care’ that caused a dying patient unimaginable harm and destruction.

These so called health care workers have no conscience and no ethics. A very dangerous combination.  Killing patients is permitted and Health PEI promotes and rewards those who cover it up.

How uncivilized and ILLEGAL!


UPEI & PEI: Corruption, Deviants, No Human Rights


There is no greater menace to society than doctors who lack morals and ethics.  There is nothing more dangerous than a diagnostic test, lab results, or consult/assessment that has been altered or falsified to cover up negligence and/or death.

Doctors have been accessing reports, labs, files, and altering, deleting and re-writing the medical records.  Falsifying records is harmful to patients but is also illegal.

The abuses and illegal acts that patients endure has been horrendous and inhumane.

PEI Health’s corrupted practices are deadly at best and harmful at the least.

PEI doctors have harmed and knowingly caused severe injury, both physical and psychological; have refused patients their rights, human rights, dignity, …. inhumane brutality is rewarded on PEI.  Shocking that so many are so corrupted.  Frightening that so many are quick to cover up massive abuses with further abuses and violations against abused patients.

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