Nova Scotia Health and P.E.I. Health Corrupted Collusion to Protect Deviance and Negligence within EMS Medavie

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Health PEI and Nova Scotia Health corrupted collusion to protect Medavie EMS illegal, criminal and horrid acts. Negligence and death has resulted

Health PEI, Canada Corrupted with incompetence, abuses, fraud, lies, illegal acts, crimes, cover-up.


PEI Health and Nova Scotia Health have a corrupted collusion to protect Medavie, Medavie EMS.  Massive corruption, deviance, illegal acts, criminal acts, while using Versed as their drug of choice to cause harm and even death to some.  All covered up by the corrupted within Medavie and with both Health officials and doctors on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.


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