Health PEI Corruption Continues

PEI Corruption

Health PEI Corruption


Health PEI Corruption
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Health PEI continues to reward those who are involved in the latest scam of falsifying medical (legal) documents, violating rights of patients, refusing to comply with both provincial and federal laws. A massive cover-up at Health PEI regarding an overdose given by PEI EMS which put a patient into cardio respiratory failure. This is not the first time that Versed was given without a doctor’s order and/or against protocol. The unconscious patient was brought to the ER of QEH. Tests showed that the overdose caused a cardiac respiratory arrest causing ongoing cardiac damage. An airway was inserted incorrectly which put cysts into the patient’s lungs causing ongoing collapsing of the lungs. Prognosis has been death, no cure. Records have gone missing, deleted, altered, removed from system, replaced into system with many involved in cover-up. When the patient was diagnosed off island, the patient was further abused by QEH. Denial of health care and further abuses with a denial of rights, and falsified records. Jamie MacDonald is well aware of the abuses and took part.