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Corrupted collusion between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia to cover up illegal, criminal acts by PEI EMS and Medavie.

Beware and a warning to all females on P.E.I. and N.S.

Over 10 mg of Versed is being used on females causing unconsciousness by Medavie EMS.  It has also ended in causing respiratory and cardiac arrests on the female victims which has led to fatal prognosis and death for some.  This illegal and perverted act is being covered by the Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Health Authorities.

This criminal act is being endorsed by the corrupted College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island, Registrar paid off.  Registrar is the infamous and well political corrupted connected Dr. Cyril Moyse.  On the board of the college to promote criminal acts of others, including themselves is Dr. Colin Foley (infamous for falsifying radiology reports to cover up negligence) and Dr. George Carruthers who is well known corrupted figure on PEI.  Barbara Currie has that infamous last name that is a well known corrupted name on PEI.

Oh what a tangled, corrupted, perverted web that was weaved on PEI.  They have infested the NS Health Authority and doctors paid off to cover up their corrupted and negligent ways.



Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness is CORRUPT to the core.  A corrupted collusion with the Nova Scotia Health as well, such as GASHA.  Purpose:  to protect Medavie EMS perverted predators and killers using Versed to sedate, restrain unconscious females.  Physicals done after the perverts have caused unconsciousness to the females they gave Versed to including dosages that have been over 10 mg which have led to permanent damages and even death.

Falsified radiology reports protects the negligent acts of Medavie EMS who have inserted airways incorrectly and could not handle the respiratory and cardiac arrests they CAUSED when overdosing their female victims with VERSED. Massive lung damage and cardiac damage that has resulted.  But, such damages can disappear, via modifications, alterations and falsifying the medical reports including the radiology reports, ECHOS.

Altering reports, making up bogus reports, consults, assessments, altering tests, assessments, lab results, etc – for financial and professional gain, as well as,  to cover-up the harm, negligence, abuses, even fatalities that are done to patients, in the name of health care.

There are MANY  doctors and specialists, who have been involved in criminal and illegal acts against their patients, purposely causing harm to patient, falsifying medical records, lying, …the list is endless!

  • The following radiologists have refused multiple formal requests to confirm/deny if their reports are valid :
    Melanie McQuaid
  • Colin Foley (also on the board of College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI – conflict???)
  • Douglas Neilson
  • Silver, MacDuff, Hendricks have covered up illegal acts and falsified records in Nova Scotia (GASHA)

Medavie EMS has also corrupted collusion between the PEI Health and NS Health.  GASHA is plagued with corrupted deviants protecting and promoting falsified medical records, including falsified radiology reports.

There are several radiologists, doctors and specialists who have been named in massive medical cover up in NS to protect the perverted predators and killers that make up Medavie EMS.

Versed is the drug of choice of the perverted killers of Medavie EMS.