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College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island Corrupt to the Core

The College is corrupt to the core.  Big pay offs for those involved.

Protected illegal and perverted, criminal acts of Medavie EMS, Island EMS, PEI EMS.

Dr. Cyril Moyse has been well known to be in the corrupted deviant circle with Ghiz and MacLauchlan to cover up their cash cow and deviant predators hired at PEI EMS, Medavie EMS.

EMTs, PEI Paramedics have been permitted to illegally give VERSED in overdose amounts, over 10 mg to FEMALES to cause unconsciousness so they can perform unethical and perverted physicals.

Females are being overdosed, going into respiratory and cardiac arrest as a result where there are deaths that are being covered up by PEI health officials and the College, namely by the Registrar Dr. Cyril Moyse.

This unethical and criminal decision by the college was decided by Dr. Colin Foley who was reported many times for his falsifying and deleting radiology reports which showed negligence and death of patients; a layperson Barbara Currie, an infamous name on PEI and Dr. George Carruthers, enough said.  All overseen by the corrupted Dr. Cyril Moyse who was given lots of money and bogus job titles for family members by Ghiz and MacLaughlan.

Medavie EMS, Corrupted PEI Health has been spreading it’s corrupted ways into Nova Scotia.  NS Health Authority is being plagued by the corrupted deviants from PEI Health, Medavie EMS and PEI authorities.  Several doctors and specialists in Nova Scotia have become involved in the corrupted ways of PEI.

Falsifying, modifying, deleting medical records are the norm on PEI.  A corrupted and illegal practice now being infested with health professionals in Nova Scotia.



Above photo:  the former University of PEI President and Head of Medavie before being handed the government by his relative, the former PEI Premier Robert Ghiz, at the end of 2014.  Threats of bodily harm, with the help of their perverted buddies at PEI EMS (Medavie)  were initiated by these corrupted hoodlums that would end in death, as was threatened (witnesses present and well documented)

Threats were followed through on with the help of  Prince Edward Island EMS , Medavie, with an overdose of Versed which has ended in the expected prognosis of death for one female and massive illegal and predatory acts on her and others.

A corrupted  cover-up ensured, since the end of 2014,  with the likes of the 1.14 million dollar, paid off dr Heather Keizer and her buddy , the notorious corrupted deviant doctor, dr Nicole Drost .

The PEI College of Physicians and Surgeons were well paid off to cover up all previous and further illegal and predatory acts using versed on females by doctors and or emts.

Frightening what huge salaries for useless jobs for family members and naming streets after those in the family will do to help cover up and protect all perverted deviants on PEI … eh Cyril Moyse, that is doctor Cyril Moyse aka perverted, corrupted dr Cyril Moyse.

Warning to those who live in Nova Scotia: the perversion and illegal acts has plagued NS as well due to Medavie’s supply of endless feed for the pigs at their trough.

Beware of the corrupted collusion between PEI and NS Health where Medavie (a “cash cow” for the corrupted and perverted) is well established between both provinces.

MacLaughlan was former head of Medavie and now Ghiz is also on Board (Sudden new appointment in September 2016 for “Bagman Ghiz”)

GASHA in NS is full of Medavie officials.  Keizer, Drost, on Prince Edward Island are well connected to their corrupted pervs/friends/colleagues in NS, who are most willing to help abuse the victims of the corrupted and perverted predators, eh dr Matthew Boyd, Rodgers of Guysborough- PEI’s go-to guy in NS, etc (GASHA Inc).

Not to be outdone by Nicole Drost’s best friend in NS, the very arrogant, corrupted respiratory deviant in Halifax, Meridith Chiasson, Medical Deviant.  She is ridiculously corrupted and incompetent; but, will do anything just to get at the infamous , lucrative ‘pigs trough’with her friends : Nicole Drost (PEI Medical Deviant) and Matthew Boyd (NS Medical Deviant).

At present, PEI College of Physicians and Surgeons, has written a decision, that anyone, including  (perverted ) PEI EMS EMTs (Medavie) can give females increments of VERSED until they go unconscious.  (Versed 10 mg -overdose- has been permitted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons on PEI to be acceptable!) 

The head of the College of Physicians and Surgeons on PEI was well paid off long ago, the infamous Dr. Cyril Moyse .  Streets with family names and lots of useless job titles with outrageous salaries.  Pays to be part of the corrupted perverted deviant circle on PEI.

After being unconscious , according to the perverted Dr. Cyril Moyse (PEI College of more corrupted medical deviants)  that anyone, including doctors, EMTs and all predatory perverts, who can get their hands on Versed, can restrain unconscious females, can do physicals on unconscious females, can do whatever they want, whatever perverts want to do ON FEMALES AND IT IS NOW ACCEPTABLE BY THE PEI COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS AND PEI OFFICIALS OVERSEEING THE PERVERTED PEI EMTS.

As per the corrupted PEI College of perverted medical deviants, Moyse claimed that if any female goes into respiratory and cardiac arrest , as a result of an overdose of VERSED, then anyone, who is untrained is permitted to take a break, from doing their “physicials on unconscious females” AND can try to intubate them.  This has caused fatal prognosis for females, but all covered up by the corrupted PEI health officials, PEI perverts, PEI politicians, Medavie.

Dr. Cyril Moyse must be wanting more cash for useless jobs for family members and more street names to honor the corrupted family members who are willing to take cash from the likes of Ghiz and the present Premier of PEI.

Medavie EMS is being well protected to be perverted predators to cause fatalities in the name of health care.


PEI Health and Corrupt Doctors cover up deaths, incompetence, illegal acts, dangerous health care, and a pre-mediated death threat followed through as threatened, with help from PEI EMS and cover up by Health PEI, PEI Doctors and Hospital administrators

Dr. Heather Keizer acknowledged the threats made on a harassed female. Threats included causing bodily harm and death.

The threats were followed through on.

Dr. Heather Keizer went to the person who initiated the threats and verified that the threats were followed through on.  Did Keizer report this to the police as she would be legally obligated? NO  She received huge pay-off for her silence and participation with further illegal acts. She has had control over the threatened female’s charts, medical records where she and others, such as Dr. Nicole Drost has altered, falsified, withdrawn, re-written medical (legal ) documents.  Brutal abuses, negligence, lying to other doctors, interference in providing appropriate health care, with further abuses including suffering and humiliation, slander of the patient.  Drost and Keizer are just 2 examples of sociopathic “doctors” on PEI, Canada.  Dangerous and immoral, sick deviants with licences to cause harm and death to patients.  Covering up a pre-mediated (as per documented threats of such and being followed through on) would be a criminal act as well for the deviant doctors who actively participated.

Keizer has been paid millions, along with promotions, to cover up the threats being followed through on.

Keizer and others have committed horrendous illegal acts in doing so.  Just following orders.

PEI EMS has been over sedating  females illegally with a controlled drug, Versed.   This has been covered-up by PEI Health, Sullivan, R.N. , Currie, and QEH.  Along with the corrupt and unethical doctors, PEI, Canada.

PEI EMS has been restraining, without orders, against the law, sedated females they have illegally given Versed to while doing physicals on them.  PERVERTS!

Perverts turn into murderers, when they overdosed a female with a huge amount of versed.  The cardiac and lung damages that resulted due to incompetence and an intentional overdose has given this harassed female a diagnosis:  no cure, death.

PEI EMS , Prince Edward Island, Canada  gave an overdose of Versed, without orders, against protocol to a female who had been threatened and these threats were reported and documented by professionals, police, doctors, Dr. Heather Keizer, lawyer, and many others.  Yet, no one would stop the threats from being followed through as there were pay offs and/or silent bystanders due to repercussions of speaking out against abuses and corrupted, illegal acts on PEI.

The former UPEI President, is now and was acting Premier in October 2014 when the patient was brought to QEH ER unconscious, where the overdose caused cardiac and respiratory arrest.  Her heart sustained massive damage with ongoing damage and her lungs have ongoing collapsing due to the consequences of the incompetent EMT putting an airway in and taken out incorrectly that had puts cysts in her lungs.  Her prognosis is death.  She has also endured further abuses and harm, massive illegal acts against her due to the corrupted cover-up that followed.

Dr. Keizer who went to her former boss, now acting Premier to verify the threats, she documented, in 2013 were followed through on.  The new acting Premier and Minister of Health gave Keizer promotions and over a million a year in salary.  The salary was recently raised in the PEI Legislature by Bevan Baker but he was suddenly silent when the Premier awarded him a clinic and other benefits.

The psychiatrist with the million dollar salary is Dr. Heather Keizer. In December 2014, she was given huge promotion by acting Premier Wade (her for boss at UPEI) and former Education Minister, then acting Health Minister.

In addition to the pay INCREASE she became Head of Psychiatry for Health PEI and Head of Unit 9 – QEH. WHY? She also had a hidden duty, as part of her huge million dollar salary and titles.

To control, destroy, alter all medical records of a patient who was overdosed on Versed and Haldol by EMS on October 28, 2014. The patient went into cardiac arrest (due to this overdose- Versed is against protocol and did not have dr’s order) and the EMS -incompetent- inserted an airway and took out the airway incorrectly which put cysts in the patient’s lungs. Dr. Keizer was and still is covering up this fatal overdose by EMS. The patient has ongoing cardiac destruction with her lungs collapsing – she has been given a prognosis of death. Nothing can be done to stop the cardiac and collapsing of her lungs.

Dr. Keizer has brought others into this cover-up, including specialists, doctors and other health care workers.

Some that are involved: (There are a great many more, but for starters, here are some)

  • Dr. Heather Keizer
  • Dr. Nicole Drost
  • Dr. Brad Brandon -presently before the PEI Board of Physicians and Surgeons for covering up the same old EMS over sedating females, illegally, with VERSED, only this time they overdosed a female – her prognosis is death due to the further damages that were caused by an incompetent EMS EMT when he overdosed her with VERSED.
  • Dr. Thor Christensen
  • Dr. Pat Bergin
  • Dr. John Dickman
  • Dr. Monica McNeill
  • Dr. Nicole Murphy
  • Dr. Harminder Dhillon
  • Dr. Barbara M. Ross – a new hire for her corrupted, illegal abusive acts
  • Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
  • Dr. Andre Celliers
  •  Dr. Jason Chan

Social Workers such as

  • Maxine Barbour

Radiologists who have been formally requested to validate their reports many times and have refused to respond , even when knowing that the CT images do NOT correlate with their written reports:

  • Melanie McQuaid RAD
  • Colin Foley RAD
  • Douglas Neilson , RAD

Diagnostic Imaging at both PCH and QEH

  • Aware, allow the alterations and assist with cover-ups

PEI EMS   – illegal acts, causing bodily harm and even fatalities ; corruption, illegal acts, abuses, harm to patients and perversion all protected by Health PEI

  • Sullivan, R.N.
  • QEH ER and Administrators cover up abuses and fatalities
  • Health PEI is on board with all corruption and cover-ups

PEI Health Board

  • Rosemary Herbert

QEH and PCH administrators such as:

  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Dr. Andre Celliers