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Health PEI and Nova Scotia Health corrupted collusion to protect Medavie EMS illegal, criminal and horrid acts. Negligence and death has resulted

Health PEI, Canada Corrupted with incompetence, abuses, fraud, lies, illegal acts, crimes, cover-up.


PEI Health and Nova Scotia Health have a corrupted collusion to protect Medavie, Medavie EMS.  Massive corruption, deviance, illegal acts, criminal acts, while using Versed as their drug of choice to cause harm and even death to some.  All covered up by the corrupted within Medavie and with both Health officials and doctors on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.


PEI EMS , Medavie EMS, and Health PEI Corrupted Illegal Cover-ups

Medavie EMS using Versed with the corrupted approval of PEI officials and Doctors who have covered up this illegal, criminal act by the perverts, predators and killers.  Using versed is a dangerous drug and when was used by PEI EMS, Medavie EMS, it was given in overdose amounts which led to massive harm, injury and even death.  Of course, well covered up by the officials, who have used Medavie EMS as a ‘cash cow’

Medavie EMS has a well known corrupted collusion between NS and PEI to cover up all perverted and predators using this drug on females to cause unconsciousness.

Medavie EMS is totally corrupted and filled with perverted predators.  All protected with falsified and deleted documents showing illegal and criminal acts by doctors in PEI, such as Dr. Heather Keizer, Dr. Nicole Drost, Dr. Colin Foley, and many others.  Not to be outdone by their friends at GASHA in NS and even Halifax, NS.

College of Physicians and Surgeons PEI have given the OK for untrained EMTs to give over 10 mg of Versed along with other drugs to females to sedate and cause unconsciousness.  This has led to a death for one female with such an overdose.

But, as per the College was needed to cause unconsciousness for the male EMT to do a physical and to restrain the unconscious female.  This unconscious female went into respiratory and cardiac arrest which ended in a  fatal prognosis and death.

All approved and covered up by the Registrar of the College, Dr. Cyril Moyse.  With further approvals from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI, that such horrific criminal acts can continue, so says Dr. Colin Foley (caught modifying and falsifying radiology reports) Barbara Currie and Dr. George Carruthers.  All well paid off like so many other health (un) professionals on PEI.


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PEI Health and Wellness is plagued with massive corruption.  

MANY Doctors, Specialists, Administrators, and others involved in falsifying records to cover up massive incompetence, mistakes, health care abuses, damages and even death for some patients.  NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the incompetence and abuses.

Doctors, Specialists, Administrators LYING and covering up the massive abuses and corruption in other unethical and illegal ways.  Lying to patients, families and other off island doctors and specialists.

Patients are being abused, mistreated, improper health care, no health care, and the medical mistakes are being covered up, in massive, corrupted scams that involves many doctors, specialists, administrators and others with many rewards to the corrupted (un)professionals.

The PEI EMS service is dangerous as it is corrupt and caught doing illegal acts.  All covered-up again by PEI Health and Sullivan, R.N.